In general it is never good to categorise artists in boxes like Art or Architecture…etc

In this case it is particular difficult to define where the limit is.

It almost looks like a cross between design or product design – but Wilson Hennessy is a photographer who matches the profile of Feng Swish. And don’t be confused: nothing to do with Hennessy Cognac here.

Great compositions, colours, shapes. Comfortable to the eyes.

Work by Wilson Hennessy

For the little story:

“Wilson is a still life Photographer based in London. Originally from Australia, he came to London for a holiday in 2002 and has never looked back”

Some images are the type of work that people would love to have in their lounge, bedrooms or offices. Something appealing and almost relaxing. The beauty of the unusual.

Work by Wilson Hennessy

Afterall, you can always contact Wilson:

According to his SITE, there is a “commissioned” section. So, why not…and get your dream work made to order?!