When deciding on a new look for the interior of your home, you may well be tempted towards the minimal look.

Many modern homes are now so functionally neat and tidy that it feels more like you’ve entered a dental surgery than a home. If these people have kids, where do they live and where is all their stuff?

Of course it looks great; cool, calm, organised, but do you really want so much sterility in the place that is also the nest for your family to grow up in?


There’s a lot to be said for the more cosy and chaotic style – the Cath Kidson kind of look. Having said that cosy doesn’t have to mean chaotic – you can still have a place for everything to be stored, but there’s something altogether more homely about having warm colours and lots of things packed into a home rather than a place where you can see nothing but clear space from one end of the building to the other, save for an über chic set of recliners in the living room.


Perhaps it’s a state of mind thing. Some people need order in their home environment in order to feel calm; others feel stifled by too much order and living like this can make you feel like you’re living in a hotel or in a house that belongs to someone else.

Whichever style you choose, then it’s best to embrace it absolutely. Bare minimalism doesn’t look good with a pile of ironing stacked on the bed in the spare room. Of course, with the cosy look, you might not be so worried about the pile of ironing, but it will never add to the style of your home. The best place for it ironed and put away inside the wardrobe. You shouldn’t label your home as eclectic when really it’s just a mess!

Furniture helps to identify which kind of look you are going for, and can lead the rest of the interior design. The kind of sofa you choose for your living room is a good way to stamp it with your personal style. A fabric sofa can work in many different interiors – there is such a huge range of them available. Some are really chic and elegant, others look like places to wallow and be comfortable in. Similarly you can choose a dining table in cool glass and steel, or go for something really rustic and farmhouse style.

Before embarking on any major purchases, think about what you are trying to achieve and browse interior magazines for inspiration.

You’ll soon find your own style and be able to set about transforming your home to match it.