Everybody needs furniture at some point in their lives. Of course, there are various retailers, designs, styles and quality too.

But Ikea is the key player at the start of this year. January 2014 seems to be difficult for a lot of families, certainly due to the fact that Christmas was expensive and over spending is never a good move. So, the Southwest of England will get an Ikea superstore.

With changes comes also protests. Some residents fear an excessive traffic as there will be 1,000 parking spaces and a forecast of 400,000 visitors.

Exeter Ikea Superstore

But what do they mean by superstore?

According to the planning resource website, the surface will reach 28,000 square metres.

…the application received 44 representations, with 27 in support and 17 objecting. Objections focused largely on concerns about transport… Source

It is sure that pleasing everyone is always a challenge, whether it is about a new store a wind turbines.

This can be anger or just controversy.

We all know that – or most of us – that Ikea’s furniture usually comes flat packed and this is where the headache can start. So, let’s say a wardrobe or a dining table is coming your way. All is fine and perfect for your wallet but when you are looking at that rather complicated assembly sheet, frustration and anxiety can fill the room.

However, in Canada most buyers have the option to get a special service by Brad Fremmerlid.

…The 25-year-old from Edmonton, Canada, has severe autism. He can’t read or talk, according to the Toronto Star, but he can understand even the most confusing diagrams and blueprints… Source

Surely a great solution to that little something a few a lot of potential customers initially disliked. But, this service is exclusively offered on the other side of the Atlantic for around $20, there will be no equivalent in Exeter (Devon – England). Would this mean that something identical should be implemented when the superstore opens its doors?

Exeter has more than just one furniture retailer. It all depends on which style people are after. Until now, the nearest Ikea was around Bristol. Just over an hour drive from Devon or a similar trip by train from St David’s train station.

It is understandable that buyers want to find a range and a choice of products. John Lewis also opened a new store in Exeter city centre to reach and attract customers from Plymouth and Cornwall. There were some worries as well such as “no one will buy from there, as the recession is affecting everyone“. Surprisingly for some, the foot fall has been satisfying.

There is another worry for local shops who have been established in the area for years and don’t want to be discarded when the investor/newcomer could almost overtakes the market.

For instance, Shop4Furniture provides quality and bespoke products and this for over 40 years.

…wide range of products including sofas, chairs, recliners, lift & tilt care chairs, beds, mattresses, wardrobes, dining tables, sideboards and sofa beds… Source

A new multi million Pounds development could affect the future of existing crafstmen.

Quality crafted items such as Caxton wardrobes will be durable. In general, a higher price means better finish and quality too. Being made to order, there will be no anger or tension when receiving the delivery. Just open the parcel and place the piece of furniture at the dedicated place.

It is certain that having Ikea with such a shopping surface will be something special for the Westcountry. But, it is also essential to keep the ball rolling for the companies who have worked hard to made the County successful and buzzing in the first place.

Making the right decision is never easy when it comes to invest for your home interior. Looking at the price tag is what most of us do – a natural reflex. Then, measuring the “value for money” factor is the other important part.

Value For Money Diagram