Hauser and Wirth will have a new gallery from 15th July 2014 in the Somerset countryside.

Let’s first of all introduce/present what is Hauser and Wirth, as a few people never heard of/visited the London gallery located on Savile Row. But there are also other art spaces throughout the world: Zurich and New York.

“…Hauser & Wirth was founded in Zurich in 1992 by Iwan and Manuela Wirth and Ursula Hauser, opening on Piccadilly in London in 2003 and the Upper East Side of Manhattan in 2009. It expanded again in 2010 when it opened a new London space on Savile Row…” Source

Hauser and Wirth Somerset Gallery Opening

Innovative London gallery, because Savile Row has two spaces next to each other with eye-opening/catching works on show.

When stepping into the rather recent building just off Regent Street (London), there is a real sense of exclusivity and something special to discover. Indeed, it is clinically white and quiet but the art is usually powerful to look at. It attracts the visitors and you leave the place with a kind of spiritual impact and something to talk about.

Axis Mundi 2011 - Matthew Day-Jackson [inside view]

Axis Mundi 2011 - Matthew Day-Jackson [outside view]

Having decided to go West and open a contemporary gallery in this part of the Country (Dropping Lane, Bruton, Somerset BA10 0NL),  is truly a great idea and opportunity to discover something definitely new.  Admission will be free and there will be a string of activities.

Hauser and Wirth Somerset Website Header

However, this new gallery located in the countryside must have been a gigantic idea involving experts to create a solid project team for Hauser and Wirth.

There is always substantial investment in a property especially when the aim is to transform/convert a group of Grade II listed farm buildings into something decent, new, modern and outstanding. Hauser and Wirth has probably hit the nail on the head.

Art is nowadays directly linked to finance. Why this comparison? Because there is important amount of money in and around art galleries. Art sells and events such as Frieze London is about advertising and getting potential dealers and/or collectors aware of what is exclusive and a safe purchase. Future buyers can be nervous and need to be regularly reassured or they could be reluctant to get a particular art piece they saw in a catalogue.

The forthcoming H&W gallery will look stunning (see concept below).

Hauser and Wirth Somerset Design Concept

Deciding for a specific layout/disposition is important because people visiting new premises for the first time want to find what they want rapidly and it mustn’t be confusing. An open communication with the architects and contractors is essential to get the right result, very similar to the online navigation/browsing experience when contacting website design services. It should almost be intuitive with no headache or hassle about what is coming next, whether by pushing a door or clicking an online option. have managed so far to tick all the boxes.

Just a few months to go, to physically visit that little gem and swap the urban landscape for this refreshing green and beautiful environment.

It seems that going away from the Capital towards greener areas is working well for another outlet related to contemporary art; Other Criteria from London to Ilfracombe in Devon. But it is hard to compare these two strategies as Damien Hirst has been in Devonshire for a few years.

Hauser and Wirth is certainly changing the vision of the art world by bringing new and innovative exhibitions of contemporary art in the remarkable Somerset landscape.

Hauser and Wirth Somerset Map

So, now you know that modern art is not just dedicated to capital cities. Just look at Tate Britain/Modern/Liverpool and Tate St Ives… it can be everywhere as people will make an excuse for an art focused (long) weekend, never too late to learn and discover something.