Visual and Tactile

In most places, you can see canvasses to fill in blank walls. It is rather repetitive.

A few years ago, it was all about nice thick wooden frames then suddenly the trend changed!

Everyone wanted photos giving the impression of a canvas! Some even invested in a tryptic look mainly for landscapes.

A new idea has emerged by eminent French artist Ora-ïto.

…a pop art-in­spired bas-re­lief work, a sculp­ture paint­ing that echoes the 76 in­de­pen­dent sen­sors on the sole of the Re­alFlex in mid-twist and un­du­la­tion…

Something rather intriguing to look at but which is certainly appealing for some offices or lofts.

It is in fact a topographic landscape made to touch and explore its own poetic qualities.

It seems to be only a prototype for the time being but surely…this is something that a lot of modern art lovers would love to have on their walls.

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