Transparency always wins

Everybody is constantly busy and on the move!

We want everything now!

Technology has improved our lifestyle. It is now possible to consult, search, discover anything, anywhere at anytime as long as you have either a laptop or a sophisticated but popular smartphone.

Everyone is attracted by the touchscreen technology.

A real passion/obsession for the internet-interaction but sadly leaving human communcation behind by texting or going on facebook and twitter to add even more cyber-friends and contacts.

But when the tool is properly used it can effeciently bring good points.

Check this latest campaign by Coutts and Co – the private bank located in the heart of London.



Just what people are after: data at our fingertips!

This is rather unusual for a financial company to go that way: being more digital and less corporate.

Hopefully a major change in behaviours  bankers Vs customers. Talking the same language and providing a tailored service.

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