Tips For Your Child’s Birthday Party

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Your child’s birthday party is a special occasion that requires a lot of planning. Although there are several steps involved in getting the party ready, you can simplify each of them to make the planning process easier. If you’re having the party in your home or yard to keep the overall cost low, you’ll need to factor in a couple of extra steps such as food and entertainment.

1. Choose a Reasonable Number of Guests

If you don’t have a big house or yard, you’ll need to limit the guest list. Keeping the number of kids lower also makes it easier for you to watch everyone and stick to a budget since you won’t need as much food or as many favors. Explain to your child that you won’t be able to invite everyone in her class. Decide how many children you’re comfortable having over, and ask your child to choose which friends or classmates she wants to invite.

Don’t forget to factor in the number of adults attending if the parents are going to stay for the party instead of just dropping their kids off. Make sure you send the invitations out early enough in order to give people time to respond.

2. Keep the Kids Entertained

Keeping the kids busy at your child’s party is important since you don’t want a houseful of bored guests. If the party is going to be outside, look into renting bounce houses for the kids to jump on or set up a few games in your yard. If the party is inside, think of a few indoor games that tie into the party’s theme. Whether the party is in your yard or house, you can also hire a professional entertainer to keep the kids occupied.

You can hire someone who dresses up as one of your child’s favorite characters or someone who performs fun activities to amuse the kids, such as a magician or puppeteer.

3. Stay Out of the Kitchen

Consider ordering food for your child’s party and having it delivered instead of making all the food yourself. You can find a place that offers a variety of options that kids and adults enjoy or one main dish that will appeal to all of your guests, such as pizza. If you go with one dish, order a few side items to go with it. Having food delivered instead of preparing it yourself makes it easier and less stressful for you to plan your child’s party.

4. Don’t Forget the Decorations

Make your child’s party more festive by decorating your house or yard. Choose themed decorations to hang up or display. If you’re on a budget, pick a few character-themed decorations and get plain balloons and streamers in colors that go with the party theme. If you’re good at arts and crafts, consider making your own decorations for a more unique look.

You can hang streamers inside or outside in a tent, and tie balloons up around the house or yard. Don’t forget to include napkins, cups and plates that match the theme of your child’s party.

As the day of your child’s party approaches, make sure that you’ve taken care of everything on your planning list. When the party details have been handled, you can work on getting your house ready for all the guests. You can also focus on deciding what presents to buy for your birthday boy or girl.

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