Tips for Choosing Paint Colors

A natural place to start when choosing interior paint colors for your home would be where your guests generally enter the home. If you have a foyer, the color you choose should be a hint of what is to come.

Use your color choices to guide guests on a journey through your home.

Having an overall idea of the color direction you want to go in your home is a good basis for your room color schemes. While you probably don’t want to paint every room the same color, or even a version of the same color, you want the rooms to flow. Sometimes just deciding on color intensity will be enough to give your home a cohesive look.

Painting all your rooms in pastels will give a soft backdrop to your room. Picking strong, deep colors will give your rooms vitality.

Choosing a paint color for an individual room in your home can be as simple as moving a few colors up or down the color swatch from the room next door. It can also mean that you consult the color wheel and find analogous colors or complementary colors. Ultimately, it means that you decide what works best for you and your family.

One way to let each room have its own personality, yet allow the spaces to flow from room to room, would be to use one ceiling and trim color throughout your home. This will unify the space while allowing your personality to shine through.

If you like to be different, then you might choose to use a neutral background color throughout your home and then mix it up with unexpected ceiling and trim colors or combinations. Think about a white room with deep navy trim and light blue ceilings. A bedroom with this color scheme might be just the serene setting you need after a hard day’s work.

Finally, consider the ultimate use of each room. Decide if you want the room to calm or invigorate you when you enter. Think about what activities are generally performed in the room. For example, a family room or den might call for darker wall color and room-darkening drapes so that you enjoy watching movies at any time of the day. You might want your kitchen to be sunny and warm, to remind you of time spent in a favorite relative’s kitchen.

No matter what choice you make, be sure you choose based on what will make you and your family happy.

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