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Coffee shop owners/managers have a lot of things to think about.

The more it goes and the more stock and choice are needed to respond to the customers’ demand.

A few years ago, people were after muffins and wafers biscuits. Now, the range is wider and it is sometimes hard to choose what to buy with a hot beverage.

The list is endless but let’s start it:

  1. flapjacks
  2. viennoiseries such as croissants, pains aux raisins
  3. toasted sandwiches or toasties
  4. soup
  5. open sandwiches with the obligatory crushed avocado on sourdough
  6. salads
  7. cakes
  8. sausages rolls
  9. savoury tarts
  10. cookies

…and it goes on and on.

Not too sure why people want a coffee with a soup or a sausage roll…a question of taste, I suppose!

In fact, all this would be a walk in the park. However…. there has been a rise of individuals asking for something else.

Vegans can be very specific. In other terms, they are like vegetarians with even more requirements.

Let’s clarify this before it goes into a food fight! There is nothing against vegans or vegetarians. It is clear that most people who are becoming vegan don’t have a health issue or intolerance…. it is a lifestyle choice. A lot of “foodies” are jumping on the badwagon.

Sometimes though…yes, sometimes vegans seem to believe that the world is against them because a barista or a chef doesn’t have the right ingredients for them.

A café or a restaurant doesn’t need to have non-animal products because… it is not a health shop dedicated to vegans! It is always possible to please a vegetarian but, when it comes to a vegan person it can be tricky.

Now, it is almost obligatory to have cakes with no eggs, no milk, no butter and eventually gluten free – which is another story/topic for a different article!

So, we can imagine that a customer walks into a café and asks for a latte with soya milk or almond milk. Because nowadays, the milk option has changed too.

Vegans don’t want cows’ milk… it is produced naturally by an animal. Apparently, this is not compatible with their guidelines. Some mentions antibiotics others the way cows are treated or exploited…etc

Okay, bovines’ milk can be rejected but most of the time it also necessary to support local farmers who are already struggling to survive.

Soya milk – mainly produced in Brazil – using fertilisers and pesticides can damage some of our internal organs.

Soya milk production in the world

Is soya milk healthy? Read full article HERE.

When it comes to almond milk: a lot of water is needed to produce a litre of the so called “nectar”. If you check the percentage of almond in a litre of almond milk you will see something like 2%….the rest is irrelevant for your well being.

What is almond milk? Read full article HERE.

So… soya milk creates diseases in humans and almond milk is not good for our planet and by buying them you won’t support your local farm.

It is clear that we all want to be and stay as healthy as possible. Meanwhile, newspapers and magazines like to give us false ideas and to create a trend because such and such celebrity is using that product… Most of the time it is for marketing purposes. It all becomes rather attractive and exciting.

As a child, we were given a glass of milk either in the morning or in the afternoon because it is full of vitamins – same goes with eggs and cheeses! If you take this off your food intake, your body and mind could suffer and this could translate by a drop of energy, iron, calcium…etc

Simple bottle or glass of milk

Becoming vegan is a lifestyle. Everyone has the right to change diet and try new things… no doubt with that.

Nevertheless, It is not because vegans limit their food choice to a strict(er) menu that others can’t enjoy eating animal products.

Where are we going with all this? It is simple after all; eat and drink what you want and what you like but don’t pressurise others. As an example, people who run don’t bother people who cycle and vice-versa.

This means that a coffee shop or a restaurant is not a heath shop and consequently, vegans shouldn’t make a fuss if there is only animal milk. This is why vegans (and vegetarians) stores are flourishing to cater for them.

We can all live together without friction as long as those who are after a particular diet (by choice) don’t treat omnivores as if they are offside!

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