The trend of industrial interior design

A few years ago, it was fashionable to have a kind of organized clutter in your living room/lounge, with a lot of framed pictures and heavy coffee table books.

Nowadays in the 21st century (2015 to be exact), it is more about having that vintage, industrial and almost empty space… still welcoming though.

If you go to East London – Shoreditch in fact – you will see Boxpark.

When shipping containers are becoming temporary/permanent/static/mobile venues for shops and restaurants. Maybe the alternative for pop-ups?

A solid and safe shelter instead of a gazebo?!

Some architects seem to concentrate on designing accommodations using those metal containers – see examples on Dwell’s website.

After all, it is modern and so versatile that everything is possible by asking skilled electricians, carpenters and plumbers to convert the simple shell into something stylish and cosy!

The way we are living is changing: there is the technology and all these e-gadgets which have a price to pay. Consequently, we either have to earn more or to save somewhere else in order to meet the demand of everything.

Restaurants, bars, coffee shops have started to adopt this “less is more” finish – almost industrial too. Recycling and upcycling is what people like to do. Is this a direct reaction from the financial struggle linked to the recession?

There was also this television programme where it was all about having stainless steel kitchen units and expensive knives. All this has shifted as well.

Having something rustic and almost used is what people are after. A wooden table with a few dents or a slightly rusty lamp which has seen a few years can have a lot of style. Why? Simply because there is a kind of identity behind the object.

Rustic and industrial interior design

Rustic and industrial interior design

Going out for a meal is all about the food and its freshness. The decor is not as important as it was… Some meals can happen in a barn, tent or marquee as long as the dish is tasty and full of flavours.

Families’ habits have changed as well when it comes to holidays. In the late nineties, it was about Spain, Malta and those sunny resorts by the sea where everything was purpose built to receive the “Brits” in a fake paradise city.

Beautiful and simple is the way forward. Forgetting the urban chaos is something that a lot of people are after. Thankfully, the UK has Dartmoor and Exmoor which can offer so much.

Spending a few days in a log cabin or a park home is perceived as something adventurous. Not following what everyone else does and being close to nature is certainly more relaxing than stressing about catching a flight and reaching the over crowded hotel with all mod cons.

Popular destinations have been holiday parks with fishing lakes without forgetting the dog friendly factor which is on the rise as it is important to keep everyone together and happy during the school breaks!

Life can be fun, but it is maybe time to step back from what is actually keeping us (too) busy and eating our precious time. It is easy to navigate a touchscreen and forget was is around us. In the same way we appreciate empty and raw designs, should we live less complicated and digital lives to emphasis on real friends!

It is now common to go to a swanky public place to eat or meet people where concrete is predominant, but there is still this feeling of warmth, because the way lights have been installed, it will create that comfortable feeling.

Industrial home design with raw concrete

Industrial home design with raw concrete

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