The BoomCase By Mr Simo

The BoomCase is a very cool alternative to the normal stereo speaker, it is a self powered, portable suitcase stereo system that works with any iPod type device. It runs on rechargeable batteries with a charger built in and can last 8+ hours on a single charge. It can also be plugged in to a normal household socket as well.

More than just an aesthetically pleasing way to listen to a bit of music outside but they are all made from handpicked suitacases that will have the best sound quality and the speakers used are top quality items.

Mr Simo makes each case custom to the order and to any spec you want within reason. I am totally in love with the style of them at the moment and I’ve seen a few things of similar styles before but never anything that is done as well as these are.

For more information on them Visit The BoomCase site

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