Take the time to enjoy your holidays

Your holidays’ destinations are huge. Sometimes, there is no need to go that far to discover and enjoy the world.

Due to the (still) ongoing credit crunch, redundancy and low interest rates, some families opt for the “staycation“! In other words, staying in at home or not going abroad, in order to discover and explore our beautiful countryside.

It is a real treasure at our doorsteps. For some unknown reasons, people like to escape their cocoon and go elsewhere, expecting to get that “wow factor” and excitement.

Families or not, it is always pleasing to see new landscapes/horizons and meet other people away from the urban landscape. Spending a lot of time at work with colleagues is one thing but what about giving all this a break to “clean” the mental clutter/stress away from deadlines and others urgent emails?

Wherever you go it is somehow comforting! There is that sense of new and well-being!

Some families worry when it is time to find a place for their Summer break! There is the family pet to take into consideration as well. Thankfully, dog friendly holidays aren’t an issue anymore. Some holiday parks offer such service – for more info visit the dedicated site page HERE.

Dawlish Warren beach with dog

Dawlish Warren beach with dog

Staying within your hometown for a short break – whether for Summer, Winter or Easter – is more common than you think. It happens that couples decide to go camping or go to a stylish hotel for a (long) weekend. We are all in the search of the extraordinary.

Now, BBC4 screened a 2 hour long documentary…very peaceful. It was all filmed in real time to show what We are missing and that life is not just about going fast for everything. Sometimes it is good to go slow!

This will instantly allow you to feel different about your existing and potentially future approach of life. Are we not missing what nature is actually giving us?

 …fixing a camera to the bow of a boat, the beauty of The Canal Trip was its simplicity – a single 120-minute shot brought home some of the sights and sounds that people experience on the water… Source

Canal trip in Britain

Canal trip in Britain

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