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Apple #iPad Air display base

Nowadays, more and more people have the use of tablets. Some prefer the Apple iPad rather than another make… maybe because of the reputation and design?!

The Commute – Mr Porter [video]

The way Pip Andersen (follow him on social media) goes to work…well, almost. Here’s how to add some style and panache to the morning commute.

#Coffee: Yardstick packaging and #branding

Based in Singapour Acre studio has imagined something rather special for Yardstick.

Multiple seats in one piece of furniture

But things can go even better when the product you purchase can actually be transformed when you want and the way you wish.

Be confident in a confident

Something which is cosy, comfortable and rather different is this sofa. It is called a confident. Yes…you have guessed: you can talk to someone without being disturbed by sitting almost next to each other and by being face-to-face. A lovely piece of french furniture. The upholstery is varied: leather and sometimes velvet. These are the […]