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#Summer and outdoors #events

June 2015 and we are all waiting for decent weather to enjoy the outdoors from music festival, trekking, cycling to other gathering such as vintage fairs.

#Music (r)evolution by @lackofafromusic

Lack of Afro? Here is a little more details extracted from the social media network Facebook

Hidden Radio

After spending 4 years to create a compact device able to diffuse the best sound quality: here it is the Hidden Radio.

Something for your smartphone

…Most people have a smartphone. You know the one which can do everything that the others couldn’t do…

The BoomCase By Mr Simo

The BoomCase is a very cool alternative to the normal stereo speaker, it is a self powered, portable suitcase stereo system that works with any iPod type device. It runs on rechargeable batteries with a charger built in and can last 8+ hours on a single charge. It can also be plugged in to a […]