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The #vegan #lifestyle

The more it goes and the more stock and choice are needed to respond to the customers’ demand. Nevertheless, It is not because vegans limit their food choice to a strict(er) menu that others can’t enjoy eating animal products.

#Lifestyle: back to basics

It is obvious for all of us that having at least one digital device is normal.

Is this more about #lifestyle or #fashion – certainly the former

What is fashion or do you want to be fashionable and wear the same clothes as your friends, colleagues and neighbours?

London (pricey) #lifestyle

Always tempting to try a new life in a capital city and London is a place which seems to bring together people from various horizons.

Cycling lifestyle

Everyone is nowadays trying to reduce the amount of money spent on irrelevant products and gadgets.

Derelict buildings and street art

With this ongoing economic downturn a lot of buildings – whether commercial or residential – are still empty.

Architects and multinational groups are constantly thinking of new developments and it seems that luxury students accommodations is the way forward.

Transparency always wins

Everybody is constantly busy and on the move!