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Music Cabinet #Design by Paolo Cappello

Sometimes… a piece of furniture can catch your eye and it can be hard to forget it, because the way it is designed is just unique.

When a rug is also a coffee table

Sometimes it is a kind of dream to get two products in one. In this particular case, Alessandro Isola has combined a rug with a coffee table or vice-versa.

#London properties

London…the capital city where there is always an exhibition or a show to see… but where accommodations are so expensive.

When Ikea superstore goes to #Exeter

Everybody needs furniture at some point in their lives. Of course, there are various retailers, designs, styles and quality too.

Canvas painting and furniture

It is always good to have eye-catching objects and furniture. Visitors will then remember that your interior design is unique.

Create a Dining Room of Distinction

How to create a dining room of distinction.

Multiple seats in one piece of furniture

But things can go even better when the product you purchase can actually be transformed when you want and the way you wish.

Tips for Decorating a Room to Boost Creativity

Global economic conditions have caused people to work harder, and in different ways

Choosing the best living room furniture

When you’re deciding on a new look for the living room, one of the most important items in the room is the seating.

How to Make Space in Your Living Room

Isn’t it amazing how easily your living room can get filled with loads of things?