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The trend of industrial interior design

A few years ago, it was fashionable to have a kind of organized clutter in your living room/lounge, with a lot of framed pictures and heavy coffee table books.

#Taste the #coffee whether sitting or standing

The coffee industry is booming. Whatever new ‘thing’ is opening its doors, there must be a coffee machine and grinder.

#Fashion and #design is also about socks

Too often people spend a lot of money on fashion and this is sometimes without limit, maybe because being fashionable is important in the 21st century?

Is this more about #lifestyle or #fashion – certainly the former

What is fashion or do you want to be fashionable and wear the same clothes as your friends, colleagues and neighbours?

After #Kingsman is it the return of the #suits

The film Kingsman: The secret service, is on our cinema screens. And it it obvious that tailored suits are making this movie and story rather cool with style and humour as well.

Hat: the head wood

Designed and made by Andrea Deppieri – this product is called “The Head Wood”.

London Fashion Week 2013 and Eau de Toast

When London Fashion Week is on, the entire world stops to discover, see and read what is happening at Somerset House.

Traditional toys

Who wants these days toys with no touchscreen or interactive options?