June 2015 and we are all waiting for decent weather to enjoy the outdoors from music festival, trekking, cycling to other gathering such as vintage fairs.

Currently, it is better to stay inside because it is like having four seasons in 24 hours.

According to The MetOffice, from midweek a heatwave will hit Britain.The Download Festival goers are hoping for bright sunshine too. In general, June is a rather good month for music lovers. Maybe with the exception of Glastonbury where the mud is almost part of it (don’t forget your wellies).

Cyclists are looking forward to Le Tour de France and some are even going to France to watch the final stage on Paris iconic Champs-Elysées!

Tour de France Paris Champs Elysées

Tour de France Paris Champs Elysées


What is also interesting; the second edition of TLB Revival is on 26th September 2015. It is a bit like a small Goodwood Revival event. A day out where petrol heads with vintage cars and motorbikes lovers/collectors meet up for a few hours because they have the same passion about beautiful vehicles. There is also music and quality food.

In general, such gathering is just what people are after to escape the daily routine and stress. It is also an ideal day out for families to catch something from the past where no WiFi and other technology is necessary. Nowadays, our urban lifestyle is too much about tablet, smartphone and more pixels. When a few years back, our lives were mainly focusing on simple things (trekking and walking in natural parks such as Dartmoor and Exmoor).

Dartmoor landscape by Andrew Gilbert

Dartmoor landscape by Andrew Gilbert


It is unclear why our weekends have to be cool and no more as traditional as ten years ago. When you are going back to work on Monday, it seems that you must have something to tell your colleagues or boss about a sensational activity which occurred during your time off! Are staying home, gardening/DIY things from 1999?

What would happen if we had a internet free weekend/day? A simple step by leaving all our connected devices away for 48 hours. This would mean no social media activity or sharing pictures/videos, no emails or online orders! Would individuals be less stressed by interacting directly and what about caring for others instead of having our heads into our touchscreens?! Could teenagers cope with such challenge – or even adults?

In the 70s and 80s most children would play in the streets or with wooden toys. Have you noticed the lack of actual toy shops in our cities? Everyone is after the latest online/computer/console game. Who wants vintage toys… except collectors? Also what about boardgames? This is just so much fun bringing people from different horizons and backgrounds together! A lot of interaction around a table where people can exchange ideas face-to-face without the glare of a screen.

Hopefully and with a bit of luck we will get a real Summer with a lot of outdoors events to get away from our comfortable home-sweet-home: outside is free.

Outside is free