Something for 2012 by Irina Vinnik

When the Festive Seasons are just round the corner, some people are struggling to buy something “different”. This is an  item which will look good and will make your guests talk about.

This is the work of Irina Vinnik. She previously had a sketchbook regarding typography.

The artist who lives and works in St Petersburg (Russia) trained as an architect but has been working as web designer.

You can interact with Irina through the social media platform such as Facebook and/or Twitter.

This particular calendar can be purchased through her site too: it is titled “The Eyes of Imagination“.

A rather splendid work with attention to detail. We can say that $45 for such item,  can almost be considered as an alternative investment because it will be more than just a calendar – almost an artwork in its own right.

It is true that the design is different from most calendars, but this is what makes it appealing to the eye.

 And what can we add more except that this product is only available as a Limited Edition.

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