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Changes are on the way – but are they transforming the identity of the United Kingdom?

Most of the UK is popular for the famous cup of tea & cream teas too.

In the past few years, the attitude have changed and moved on: people seem to adopt the “continental attitude” to have their hot drinks.

Cappuccino, latté, espresso, americano, macchiato are just on everyone’s hot drinks menu.

So, with almost no more traditional tea-rooms, is the UK missing or losing a part of its culture/tradition?

However, there is a technique which is still almost “hidden“: the syphon!

Very peculiar and unique – exciting to look at and rather magical.

It is a real show in fact – a ceremony.

Everything needs to be done with a certain manner. And what is great is that a machine can’t reproduce the effect and taste of the syphon.

At last, something that won’t be taken away to produce a cheap version of it.

When the brew is ready…it is something to smell and taste like a fine glass of rare wine.


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