If you thought all business conferences were tedious, think again. It’s not all down to the subject of the conference either. In fact, what makes the conferences that take place at these three venues is the truly unique, spectacular and quirky interiors they have to offer.

The predictability of conference venues makes these locations stand out above the others. One of these London-based venues will have your audience overwhelmed and completely enthused with your topic of discussion, and online luxury boutique Amabyss have put together list of their top 3 quirky, stylish venues for your corporate pleasure…

Forman’s Fish Island

This is certainly one of the conference venues that stands out. You’ll find Forman’s Fish Island in Hackney Wick, slightly off the beaten track. If anyone is tired of the boring, standard conference venue they’ll have absolutely no problem settling in here. The quirky setting resembles the shape of a darne of salmon, which is equally compelling as it is odd.

Forman’s Fish Island

Once you’ve finished the conference or a break has been enforced, make sure you head to the roof terrace where there is a wonderful view of the Olympic Park to be enjoyed. If you advertise all these quirky and inspiring features of the conference venue, you’ll have no problem guaranteeing a sell-out at your gathering.

Ivory Vaults

For something that takes you and your guests back in time, look no further than the medieval opulence that can be found in the cellars of the Ivory House, a grade-II listed property with all the distinctive medieval features required to really wow your guests. The underground vaults are truly spectacular and have a somewhat eerie atmosphere that’s both mesmerising and somewhat spooky.

Ivory Vaults

Your corporate event will grow immensely in popularity with a venue like this one, especially when you consider that it gives you the opportunity to make your event a little more informal. There are options to hire out some medieval court jesters and banquet scenery if you’re really keen to take this venues extravagance to the next level.


For something a little newer compared to our last venue, consider the absolutely stunning new build that was constructed in North London quite recently, Gracepoint. Gracepoint was once the Carlton Cinema, a venue that brought plenty of fame and fortune to Essex Road in North London, while it was also used as a Bingo Hall briefly.

Its glory has been restored in recent years after it was converted into the theatre-style venue that was previously envisaged by the famous architect George Coles.

So it all sounds quite standard at this stage. Nothing quirky to see here. Wrong! What makes Gracepoint stand out from some of the many refurbished conference venues is its consistent blend of styles, from French Renaissance and Art Deco to Egyptian Embellishments.

The space may seem rather traditional, yet this doesn’t elude from the fact that its as state of the art as any conference venue can get. It’s this combination that makes Gracepoint one of London’s quirkiest venues. The stage is 26ft-deep and can incorporate 900 attendees in one sitting, so this is certainly a great way of bringing a little more of the contemporary to your guests.