Everybody is a photographer in the 21st century. Smartphones have changed the way we are taking pictures.

Remember the time where photographs were on films. You couldn’t actually see whether the captured subject was clear or blur. Then bringing the film to a lab to be processed could last a few days or even a week.

Nowadays, whatever we do it has to be fast…very fast. Even having photos printed in an hour seems to be too long.

The magic of a Polaroid was something special. Point and shoot and then within 3 minutes or so, the image appeared before your eyes on paper.

The actual mechanism behind the square image – ancestry of Instagram – is rather complicated.

Check this video below explaining the micro chemical reaction taking place and the involvement of all layers to develop instantly that precious image.

“…When the picture is developing, and you have the simple joy of watching it develop, there are literally hundreds of chemical reactions that are happening…”

Polaroid photography - chemical reaction

Polaroid photography – chemical reaction