The unreal vision of Paris by Menilmonde is rather beautiful and strange as well. But there is also Kapstand who performs onehandstands in front Paris Landmarks.

Let’s start with the first one: Menilmonde’s work is based on empty spaces, architecture and is called “hypocentre“. A brilliant technical achievement.

Hypocentre - flamme du soldat inconnue Paris

Hypocentre - Rive Gauche Paris

This project is explained HERE (you can choose your language too) and it makes sense but demanded a lot of work and photographs, in order to obtain this second-to-none result.

Then comes Kapstand with something visual too, almost comparable with performance art in unusual but well-known places.

…balancing on one hand while photographing before all the most beautiful buildings of Paris…

Here are a few photos but the Instagram timeline is incredible with some shots reaching over 1,000 “likes”. This one below being a prime example.

Kapstand - Paris

for detailed images click HERE