When you go shopping, whether for food clothes or even furniture, it is all about getting a good deal. Some are looking for the buy one get one free others prefer 2 for 1.

But things can go even better when the product you purchase can actually be transformed when you want and the way you wish.

A team of creatives decided to work on this modulable idea.

Designers Busk and Hertzog created “Runway” for HighTower (passionate design enthusiasts).

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Runway seat

Rather minimal and contemporary design which might not fit everywhere, but rather innovative look and vision.

Runway seat option

Offices and waiting rooms can become brighter and less boring by having such piece of furniture and according the number of visitors/clients the design can be amended to make the experience even more interactive.

A few families might opt for something really different, going away from the traditional sofa design to maybe show off when friends are invited. But having the possibility to go for such an abstract shape is not a bad idea as it is very functional too. This is the positive point about it. As so many individuals want to own beautiful but useless items, this is the one which stands out – no need to think twice: win-win.

Concerning product design, people really want fresh colours and shapes as long as it fits their budgets – this is also an essential factor. However, different and fashionable can also be expensive. This is to say that “Runway” might not be for everyone, unless there is no financial restriction.

Interior design has changed. With all tv shows concerning home improvements and DIY as well as property programmes, people really want that unique lounge with quirky lampshades, seats and all other tiny details which go with it. Grand Designs is probably THE most complete architectural project on television without being too complicated and technical, attracting various kind of spectators.

A few years back, it was the rush for Futon beds which gave that oriental feeling to a bedroom because, so low and without an actual frame. The decor remained pure and minimal. It seems now that communal areas are going towards less clutter as well.