More than just a magazine

There are loads of magazines these days. Some are a complete waste of time (no name necessary…you know the ones).

A few of them are excellent because they bring something to the reader. A kind of discovery, a knowledge…relevant information about different countries, trends, technologies, recipes.

The layout is incredibly neat too. On top of that you can consult their website for further news or bulletins.

The name is Monocle.

A simple word which means a lot for the regular readers.

“It is a global briefing covering international affairs, business, culture & design”

And yes, there is also a few stores in London, Los Angeles, Hong Kong, Tokyo & New York.  But if you can’t leave your home or office, there is an online shop too.

Products (Clothing, Stationary, Home & Interior…etc) are usually exclusive to Monocle and carefully chosen to match the lifestyle of their clients.

At last something useful to invest in and to keep on your desk or coffee table – eye catching too.

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