Minimal Décor Solutions for a Bright, Spacious and Orderly Living Room

Let’s set the record straight. A living room can look organized, bright and spacious with a proper plan. Without one, it can appear cluttered, shabby and cramped. A proper plan can make a world of difference and it involves the right choice of colors, furniture and accessories. The guiding principle is that less is more when it comes to furnishing your living room.

In such a scenario, the drawing room will have wider spaces, smaller furniture, brightly hued fabrics and optimum use of space. This minimal décor addresses the three main aspects of decorating the room which are functionality, personal taste and harmonious blending of shades.

When the functionality aspect is taken care of, it is ensuring that space is used in a practical way. The personal taste aspect is necessary to feel comfortable and that comfort level achieved through décor by keeping with the user’s convenience as well as taste. The harmonious shade blend aspect takes place when the shades for walls and furnishings match effortlessly with the chosen décor.

For a bright living room
Living Room
The minimal decor solution for a bright living room is to avoid a clash of colors at all costs as otherwise the design style will be ruined.

While selecting shades for the background, it is a great idea to select black and white as they heighten the beauty of bright hues used on cushions, vases and other accessories.

  • The concept of less is more makes eminent sense as going in for too many strong shades can be disorienting and contribute to a cramped feeling.
  • A calm open feel is brought about when light shaded walls are contrasted with rich fabric hues to give a rich toned décor.

For a spacious living room
living room
Smaller and fewer but functional furniture pieces can create a wider living space and its optimum use.

  • Select furniture with clean and clear straight lines as well as geometric shapes. Aside from this, to create some more scope of space, it is better to install a perfectly sized vertical radiator in the room that too helps in maintaining warm and welcoming environment.
  • A living room can look charming and exotic with one large couch and two or three armchairs. Extra seating through an additional sofa will only clutter the room.
  • If the centre table lacks functionality, it should be done away with. Opting for smaller side tables besides the seating arrangement can be more functional.

For an organized living room

  • Clutter through lack of storage options and excess of artifacts and highlight zones can make even an elegantly simple living room appear disorganized.
  • Storage spaces should be carefully planned to hold interior clutter. Visibility of wires trailing from electronic gadgets is untidy and they should be tucked out of sight.
  • Cut down on a large number of exotic curios. Select the best of the lot. Reduce expensive wooden accessories as they tend to be rich but overpowering. Go in for popular metal such as stainless steel which gives a light décor feel and is present in accessories like wall art, vases and frames.
  • One or two highlight areas serve to enhance décor better rather than a number. A large abstract painting, for example, functions as a striking focal point.

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