London…the capital city where there is always an exhibition or a show to see… but where accommodations are so expensive.

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In general, a lot of people move to London for work because salaries are rather attractive. However, the more central you are the higher the rents will be.

Alternatively, you can decide to move on the outskirts of the capital and then you will have the daily commute, which will also add a few hundred pounds each month to your already long list of expenses.

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Properties are getting almost unaffordable.

“…The shocking disparity between house prices in London and cities such as Manchester and Birmingham was revealed today – as a flat smaller than a tube carriage went on sale for £1m in the capital…” Source

If you find the ideal little nest – which will certainly be above your budget – there will be a hunt for decent and solid furniture too – shop4furniture provides all of the above.

Living comfortably is something rare nowadays. But there are solutions to go around all the obstacles.

At the start, you might be able to share a space with friend/family already in the capital.

Remember that it is no more about having a huge living space, but a place to rest – whatever the number of square feet.

The global recession has not helped and is still in our minds and each day can be a struggle.

London 1 million pounds properties

Budget is therefore the main worry for most of us. A few people stay in London and its suburb for about 2 years and usually decide to relocate as their lifestyle needs to be changed in order to fit within that financial bracket.

You have to be prepared if and when moving to London as the pace is different too: it is all fast and you need to know where you are actually going to. Starting at 9.00am can mean a 6.30am start. Leaving work at 5.30pm would bring you in your cosy accommodation at around 8.00pm – all depending of course how far you live. But this is all based on an average travel time using London public transports at peak time. A rather hectic and long day and this is like that for five days per week.

Is it worth living in London and spending most of your wages and savings for a tiny floor space?

All depends what you wish and expect. It is certainly good for a life experience and an eventual hope of getting up the ladder (professionally and financially). Once this is achieved, moving to a bigger property is something to consider. Always better to start small then expand rather than going the other way. Investment property – whether in London or in another part of the country – is something exciting as long as there is a solid foundation to bring that regular payment.