London Fashion Week 2013 and Eau de Toast

When London Fashion Week is on, the entire world stops to discover, see and read what is happening at Somerset House.

It brings a real buzz on social media ( with regular updates about the new trends from various fashion designers involved – as we are talking haute couture here.


Fashion is always related to coolness, design, VIP and exclusivity. Whether it is about the shapes or the colours…the new collections are revealed and this will dictate what some of us will be wearing in the months to come.

Remember a few years back, during the Summer months men had to wear a bright pink polo shirt/t-shirt…it was trendy. The winter brought the revival of the tweed flat cap. All this in influenced by what is displayed in magazines and during catwalks around the world.

Trends are different if you are in Italy, Spain, Germany or France. But usually, fashion rotates around the globe. Meaning that the tweed could well be back the following year but in another country.

If you take France, it is rather surprising to see most men wearing the same kind of clothes and accessories; 3/4 length jacket, thick scarf, dark jeans and black shoes with even – sometimes – white socks. Maybe time to bring some happiness to this ongoing morosity.

Meanwhile in the UK, there is clearly different styles. It is obvious when taking public transports or just walking in the High Street. A real wide palette which can even be difficult to decide whether to go for a casual or formal look…as both are accepted by most employers.

But something new has emerged at this September’s #LFW to mention the dedicated Twitter hashtag: Eau de Toast fragrance.

…Created by the country’s bakers to remind women who skip breakfast just what they’re missing out on, the limited edition fragrance ‘Eau de Toast’ is putting bread back on the catwalk this London Fashion Week… Source

There is a real worry about the size zero and the battle against the bread-free diets many woman undertake to lose weight.

LFW catwalk black and white

Being fashionable is one thing but general health and well-being should be the main priorities for everyone. But our Society is changing and the look comes first in too many situations.

Not saying that you shouldn’t be trendy and have cool outfits, but losing weight unnaturally is certainly not the way forward.

Unfortunately, people want to have that specific look “as seen on television“.

However, it is not all negative as some public figures can change the flow of how people behave and even on shopping habits.

Remember the Royal Wedding between Prince William and Catherine Middleton – the entire World saw it! The couple was closely observed by the press and whatever Kate was wearing when attending an official event, became best-sellers within hours. The impact on some shoes and dresses was tremendous, so much so that some LK Bennett outlets sold out and the demand was still coming in. Even accessories such as the Fulton umbrella range, unknown by most until now, saw a sharp rise in sales.

This national event also brought a certain urban chic back in the shop windows with the country in the city:  waxed jackets and wellies sold like never before and these items were adopted by various generations, who wanted to be associated to a more relaxed but nonetheless smart look.

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