Living light | Joon&Jung

Joon&Jung is a conceptual product design studio based in Eindhoven, the Netherlands.

“We are learning from environment, and designing the essential of this era.”

The studio works by using various textures, materials and technics, such as:  Ceramic, Textile, Furniture, Product, Interior, Concept Based Design Consult and Strategy, Conceptual Life Style Research, Design Journalism, Product Prototyping, Computer Programing and Prototyping for Design.

Joon&Jung has had exhibitions throughout the world.

But one product which we found innovative and interactive is “The Living Light”.

By detecting the human presence in relation to the space around, the “Living Light” blossoms into a big flower simoultaneously increasing the amount of light, interactively welcoming the people to come together and communicate under its ambient blossom.


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