It is obvious for all of us that having at least one digital device is normal. Some have the full set including tablet, smartphone, mp3 player, laptop, desktop, smartwatch and other wearables. Being connected is what counts and if you aren’t…well, it is a bit like being an outsider.

A few years back, someone said “i can’t find you on Facebook”, assuming that everyone would follow that trend! Not a surprise she couldn’t find me as I am not a user of this particular network.

Facebook Like and Dislike buttons

Facebook Like and Dislike buttons

Since the expansion of the internet, individuals share online their lives – where they go, what they do and buy, who they see… the list is endless. It is becoming like a personal journal but publicly available, which sometimes can just be over the top!

Even when cycling there is an App called Strava to track distance, speed, altitude and whatever else you want.

As cycling and drinking coffee are almost like siamese twins, you get to meet people from the coffee scene; from barista (the hipsters who make those patterns on your cappuccinos) to roasters (the guys who transform the green beans to consumable coffee). The latter are a bit like the chefs of the coffee world; they give the taste and flavour to those precious beans.

And really, drinking coffee is something so simple but so good and enjoyable. Making filter coffee is available to everyone and everywhere. No need to have expensive equipment. Home brewing coffee is becoming again a thing, right in the middle of this digital era like a real ceremony where all variables are important and this can be done without firmware updates or connectivity!!!

How does this all work?

You will need:

  • ground coffee
  • a scale
  • paper filter
  • brewing device of your choice
  • hot water

In general it is preferable to buy freshly roasted coffee beans and then use them as you go, in order to keep all the aroma intact. The ‘roasted on‘ is also something to check and not the ‘used by‘ date.

As John Maeda wrote in The Laws of Simplicity, simplicity needs complexity in our daily lives.

Enjoying a perfectly brewed coffee can be like heaven. Same rule applies with food and it doesn’t need to be complicated to prepare. However, being online is seen and perceived as essential to have a normal day or the stress starts to gain people as they can’t check their messages/emails on the move! This is what has changed… being able to do so many things from anywhere and this includes online shopping (from clothes, shoes to train/cinema tickets).

If we take the digital sharing activity, it is concerning but when it comes to share a table/bench people are almost against it because it is ‘their space‘!? Are they aware that a social media account doesn’t make it their property? Whatever is added to it can be removed and what about the copyright of their images?!

Maybe living an easier life away from all those updates and Apps could make us less anxious, nervous and possibility a better world would emerge from it?

Apps updates alert

Apps updates alert