Kenneth Grange CBE – Designer

Kenneth Grange CBE, Britain’s most distinguished industrial and product designer, was born in London in 1929.

What is amazing about this man is that we all know the products he designed without actually being aware of it.

A quick reminder:

In 2011 Kenneth Grange even had an exhibition at London Design Museum.

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…Kenneth has greatly influenced Japanese product design. He views product design as an important part of the manufacturing process, not merely as a means to improving an object’s appearance…

Anything related to architecture or product design is actually linked to previous shapes. As an example the modern and minimalistic representation from nowadays and the way Le Corbusier presented his creations.

Designing a new product which will still be around 20, 30 or 40 years later is something rather exciting. Not only because of the object itself but concerning the way of thinking.

The designer almost needs to project himself/herself to the future to imagine whether this shape will be acceptable when trends, attitudes, mentalities and cultures change. A real challenge that Kenneth Grange manages very well.


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