Each day when commuting we can clearly see that less people are reading books/newspapers and more are staring at their tablets or smartphones.

Being connected could be the 21st century catchphrase. The sad point is that everyone feel lost without their device. But how did we live previously when all this technology wasn’t available?!

It is not just the adults – children are also becoming addicted to the touchscreen rather rapidly.

When going to the cinema it is mainly to watch CGI films with sometimes a thin story with great effects. Avatar is probably the greatest example. Most viewers agreed that the image resolution was incredible but the storyline was average. This is the case in many other “blockbusters“.  However, there is always this attraction to go and watch 3D movies…when our lives are actually in 3D.

Do we (actually) want to watch an image projected on a screen with this kind of realistic effect? Is it not better to know that what is screened before our eyes is a product without transformation that no one retouched?

Communication is currently all about being on a social network from Facebook, Twitter to Instagram (these being the most used at the moment…until something new appears).

Our Society seems to be totally embracing the virtual world with all the Apps and other useful related digital gadgets. It is as if all common things from books, basic plastic and wooden toys or stickers that we could get free in packs of cereals are left aside and completely ignored.

The worry is that all new products are becoming obsolete rapidly as well. There is a constant demand for better and faster technology.

And this doesn’t stop on smartphones. Game consoles are also affected from PlayStation to Xbox and Wii… there is always something to push buyers to get the latest model even if they already have a perfectly working machine. In the past you could just play games but now you can also access the internet and play with other people located throughout the world.

Should we worry about the behaviour of new generations spending so much time online and not talking directly with parents and friends? Many years ago computer users were advised not to work too long in front of a screen or to take regular breaks because unhealthy. What happened to this?

Are the latest marketing campaigns making all these new devices safe and more durable? Certainly not! It is all about selling as much as possible on a big scale. Once again in a few weeks time (September 2014) the iPhone6 will hit the market and it is guaranteed that we will see queues outside Apple Stores…don’t we have enough of it and why waiting for hours before the official launch when the product itself is actually not a limited edition. Moreover, we all know that new products have in general a little technical hitch: meanwhile the bandwagon effect never stops.

More recently, a phenomenal project called “Omote” by Director Nobumichi Asai was presented. It is about real-time face mapping. In other words, a person sits in front of a projector and has images projected onto the face. The dimensions are matching perfectly (as the individual’s head has been previously scanned); a magical effect making believe that the person is really wearing such or such make-up.

Omote - Face Mapping

Omote – Face Mapping

This is without a shadow of a doubt completely outstanding.

We can ask ourselves “what is next?” –  Will we see such technique used in make-up stores and in films – making us slightly confused whether what is on display is real or not!

Evolution of Technology infographic

Evolution of Technology infographic

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