How to Make Space in Your Living Room

Isn’t it amazing how easily your living room can get filled with loads of things?

I consider myself a fairly tidy person but even so mine goes from a minimalist design to cluttered and unsightly at the drop of a hat. How can I sort this out? I did some investigation and came up with these techniques and ideas for making some space.

Get a TV Mirror

What is the biggest single item cluttering the floor space in your living room? The chances are that it is your TV. If you have one of those models which are big and cumbersome it probably takes up a huge amount of space. Even a slim model still occupies more room than it really should. The best way to sort this out is to get a TV mirror and get the set off the floor. These smart frames let you put a slimline telly on the wall .The best bit about a TV mirror is that it converts into an attractive mirror when you aren’t watching something on it, and this increases the feeling of spaciousness in the room.

Go For Smaller Furniture

If you have a small house then looking at more modestly proportioned furniture is a good idea. You can be just as comfy in a smaller sofa or chair but it can help you gain valuable inches of floor space.

Clear Out Tables and Other Useless Stuff

Do you have a table in the room which you never use? It is amazing how many of us fill up a big chunk of our living rooms with things which we never use. Move your table to some other room and give yourself a clearer space. In fact, if you only ever use the table for putting other useless stuff on then you will get a double benefit from doing this.

Work Somewhere Else

If you work from home it is tempting to use the living room as your base. This takes up an enormous amount of space and is really not a good idea. A spare bedroom or even a corner of the kitchen are better bets for leaving this important room less cluttered.

Use the Walls

We already mentioned moving your telly onto the wall with a smart TV mirror but it isn’t the only thing you can take off the floor or tables. Some trendy shelves will give you space for books, lamps, CDs and anything else which is currently taking up space. You should be careful not to overload these and turn them into a dumping ground for stuff which doesn’t really belong on them.

Go for Tall and Thin Furniture

If you live in a house with high ceilings this is a particularly good move. Pieces of furniture which reach for the sky and aren’t very wide are fantastic for helping you make space and for giving a better look too. This approach doesn’t work equally well in all homes so it is worth giving it a try with one item before you overhaul the whole lot.

Choose a TV mirror frame  and move your viewing pleasure onto a new level. With this cutting edge technology you can mix style and practicality without spending a fortune.

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