Hidden Radio

After spending 4 years to create a compact device able to diffuse the best sound quality: here it is the Hidden Radio.

No instructions are necessary – it is all about intuition.

In today’s society everyone wants music everywhere:

  • shops,
  • banks,
  • caf├ęs,
  • restaurants.

But also on the move: the mp3 format is helping. However, almost a cut-off attitude from the outside communication. Not really a sociable behaviour.

When opening the front door, a lot of people want to continue their musical journey without any hassle.

And this Hidden Radio & Bluetooth product could be the right answer.

With Christmas at the horizon maybe the right thing to get:

  • Wireless Bluetooth┬« Connectivity
  • 30hrs+ Battery Life
  • AM/FM Radio
  • Audio Input
  • 80x80x85mm

Probably a winner for the festive seasons but also a centre of interest when inviting guests around.

Nevertheless, you will have to be patient and why not be part of its development – as this project will come to life only if $125,000 are reached by 18th January 2012.

By being involved you would also be the first to get the product: a win-win situation.

If you wish to get more details contact: info@hiddenradiodesign.com

Intriguing and appealing to see, to use, to try…

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