From super white to spotted effects

Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama is one of the most significant and influential artists working today.

Her work is currently exhibited until 11th March 2012 at the Queensland Art Gallery – Australia.

The Obliteration Room is something rather impressive.

It is all about interaction.

…In this reworked and enlarged installation, an Australian domestic environment is recreated in the gallery space, complete with locally sourced furniture and ornamentation, all of which has been painted completely white…

Visitors are invited to give life to this sterile space.

…Over the course of two weeks, the museum’s smallest visitors were given thousands upon thousands of colored dot stickers and were invited to collaborate in the transformation of the space, turning the house into a vibrantly mottled explosion of color…


Spot painting has been and still is very well perceived. Damien Hirst being the pioneer of such art.

A kind of alternative investment, because the name Hirst sells and is in demand.

So much so, that from April 2012, Tate Modern is having a major exhibition regarding the “enfant terrible” of the British artworld.

Some like his art but dislike the artist and vice-versa.

But Yayoi Kusama installation is something different – unlimited art creation and it is not only about looking at a piece of art but being part of it as well.

Moving this idea from an exhibition concept into your own home would be something rather unsual. But, what would happen when everything is covered with stickers?

Something to last or to scrap and start over again?

It is sure that your guests would be surprised!

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