After having been on the market for 5 years, the dream house featured in “Ferris Bueller’s day off” has found a buyer.

Becoming the owner of a property is the dream of a lot of people, especially with the house prices rising constantly.

Having a house is almost a proof of a good lifestyle and great salary. Of course, some families have been struggling but renting is also getting more difficult. In fact, it is more expensive to rent than to buy.

The hardest part of the transaction is to get that initial deposit and the rest is then a real breeze.

Whether it is for business/retail or residential purposes property consultants are busy for various requests as there is an obvious interest for several kinds of buildings and locations too.

Ferris Bueller’s house is probably an iconic building but it still took five years to be purchased.

Ferris Bueller house - lounge

 There was even a time when the wonderful house was threatened to be demolished (see video below).

All this doesn’t mean that the house has to be huge to be great. It is obvious (isn’t it) that the architecture is second-to-none.

First time home buyers like to be in control of their space and of the mortgage too. It would be pointless to buy to then realize that the finance won’t follow smoothly.

Here is an interesting report from The Telegraph:

…More than 7,300 home loans were completed during the first six months of Help To Buy mortgage guarantees, with four fifths of those given to people taking their first steps onto the property ladder…

To read the full article visit this page HERE.

Help To Buy Infographic

But what is a dream home? Should it be small and cosy or huge with open plan living room and unusual features?

It all depends on the budget!

Concerning this particular property $1.06 million was the amount needed to acquire the timeless modernist designed house built in 1953. Nevertheless, interesting to see that it took so long for such a popular estate to be taken away from the housing market.

It is sad to see that artworks, vintage cars and other collectable items can sell for way more than the house. The twenty first century is getting more difficult to understand as it seems that our Society is reaching a kind of saturation of goods and the technology – such as smartphones and tablets – might be responsible for spoiling it too. But this is a complete different matter…