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The more it goes and the more stock and choice are needed to respond to the customers’ demand.

A few years ago, people were after muffins and wafers biscuits. Now, the range is wider and it is sometimes hard to choose what to buy with a hot beverage.

The list is endless but let’s start it:

  1. flapjacks
  2. viennoiseries such as croissants, pains aux raisins
  3. toasted sandwiches or toasties
  4. soup
  5. open sandwiches with the obligatory crushed avocado on sourdough
  6. salads
  7. cakes
  8. sausages rolls
  9. savoury tarts
  10. cookies

…and it goes on and on.

Not too sure why people want a coffee with a soup or a sausage roll…a question of taste, I suppose!

In fact, all this would be a walk in the park. However…. there has been a rise of individuals asking for something else.

Vegans can be very specific. In other terms, they are like vegetarians with even more requirements.

Let’s clarify this before it goes into a food fight! There is nothing against vegans or vegetarians. It is clear that most people who are becoming vegan don’t have a health issue or intolerance…. it is a lifestyle choice. A lot of “foodies” are jumping on the badwagon.

Sometimes though…yes, sometimes vegans seem to believe that the world is against them because a barista or a chef doesn’t have the right ingredients for them.

A café or a restaurant doesn’t need to have non-animal products because… it is not a health shop dedicated to vegans! It is always possible to please a vegetarian but, when it comes to a vegan person it can be tricky.

Now, it is almost obligatory to have cakes with no eggs, no milk, no butter and eventually gluten free – which is another story/topic for a different article!

So, we can imagine that a customer walks into a café and asks for a latte with soya milk or almond milk. Because nowadays, the milk option has changed too.

Vegans don’t want cows’ milk… it is produced naturally by an animal. Apparently, this is not compatible with their guidelines. Some mentions antibiotics others the way cows are treated or exploited…etc

Okay, bovines’ milk can be rejected but most of the time it also necessary to support local farmers who are already struggling to survive.

Soya milk – mainly produced in Brazil – using fertilisers and pesticides can damage some of our internal organs.

Soya milk production in the world

Is soya milk healthy? Read full article HERE.

When it comes to almond milk: a lot of water is needed to produce a litre of the so called “nectar”. If you check the percentage of almond in a litre of almond milk you will see something like 2%….the rest is irrelevant for your well being.

What is almond milk? Read full article HERE.

So… soya milk creates diseases in humans and almond milk is not good for our planet and by buying them you won’t support your local farm.

It is clear that we all want to be and stay as healthy as possible. Meanwhile, newspapers and magazines like to give us false ideas and to create a trend because such and such celebrity is using that product… Most of the time it is for marketing purposes. It all becomes rather attractive and exciting.

As a child, we were given a glass of milk either in the morning or in the afternoon because it is full of vitamins – same goes with eggs and cheeses! If you take this off your food intake, your body and mind could suffer and this could translate by a drop of energy, iron, calcium…etc

Simple bottle or glass of milk

Becoming vegan is a lifestyle. Everyone has the right to change diet and try new things… no doubt with that.

Nevertheless, It is not because vegans limit their food choice to a strict(er) menu that others can’t enjoy eating animal products.

Where are we going with all this? It is simple after all; eat and drink what you want and what you like but don’t pressurise others. As an example, people who run don’t bother people who cycle and vice-versa.

This means that a coffee shop or a restaurant is not a heath shop and consequently, vegans shouldn’t make a fuss if there is only animal milk. This is why vegans (and vegetarians) stores are flourishing to cater for them.

We can all live together without friction as long as those who are after a particular diet (by choice) don’t treat omnivores as if they are offside!

Music Cabinet #Design by Paolo Cappello http://www.feng-swish.com/music-cabinet-design-by-paolo-cappello/ Thu, 24 Dec 2015 09:15:48 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3876 Sometimes… a piece of furniture can catch your eye and it can be hard to forget it, because the way it is designed is just unique.

The “less is more” is truly something special and people seem to like that idea. It can be seen as a challenge, but results are usually fantastic.

This is what Paolo Cappello has done with a music cabinet. A minimal design with a great visual impact to start with.

Paolo Cappello Music Cabinet

Paolo Cappello Music Cabinet

But there is more…

… The design marries elegant finishes such as lacquered wood, canaletto walnut and precious Italian oak…

Technology is present too: high definition bluetooth speaker is cleverly  embedded into the cabinet.

For more information/details check HERE.

Paolo Cappello minimal music cabinet design

Paolo Cappello minimal music cabinet design


Cappello music cabinet

Cappello music cabinet

Developing an Eco Home http://www.feng-swish.com/developing-an-eco-home/ Tue, 17 Nov 2015 18:30:36 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3863 An adventurous couple in Derbyshire have turned the largely 18th century Goosehill Hall — parts of which date back to the 17th century — into a four-bedroom home in extensive gardens which are watered by a rainwater harvesting system. In the house there are heated stone floors and the decor is a mixture of original features, contemporary style and 21st-century high-tech fitments. Zoffany wallpaper decorates Goosehill Hall’s ladies’ parlour room — in which the ladies of the house once sipped tea and enjoyed gazing out on the scenery — but the house also has an electric charging point for cars.

“We could not believe the beauty of the surroundings and realised we could restore the hall in keeping with its former life — as well as convert the courtyard buildings into holiday lets.” Later they realised the whole project could be eco-friendly, although this planet-friendly endeavour involved considerable extra expense. The eco-initiatives required spending around £55,000 for a heating system and £17,600 for the solar panels. However, the couple say that the Feed-In Tariff, fuel bill savings and Renewable Heat Incentive “will recoup the costs in six or seven years and [we will] look forward to lower energy bills thereafter.”


Sustainability has been built into the renovation.  In particular technology has been used to reduce the use of fossil fuels and its impact on the environment and the following renewable energy systems have been used:

The courtyard buildings are now holiday cottages, and opened for visitors this month. Peveril Castle, an impressive ruin, is close by and there are views of local beauty spots such as Mam Tor, Win Hill, Lose Hill and walks to Castleton’s famous caverns. However, the Whitfields are not finished. They are planning to complete a pool house — which has 65 solar panels on its roof — for future holiday seasons and create two more cottages from the barn. The cottages are being let out for between £450 to £705, depending on the season.

The property cost the couple £1.35 million: it required new heating, plumbing and electrics and other substantial renovation. Although it would have been easy to carry out the work at the lowest possible cost, Helen and John, a former partner with PricewaterhouseCoopers, the accountancy firm, decided to make “choices based around the best option for the future of the building”.

“We looked at how to invest for future benefits — not just to gain an Eco Proficiency badge,” John adds. “It was easy to build the eco measures into the overall plan. It would have been more difficult to retrofit them into the existing infrastructure of the house or the holiday lets.” As a result, the once draughty rooms of Goosehill Hall now remain at a steady 21 degrees.

This strategy of investing for the long-term also extended to the timetable for restoration. The Whitfields decided to be thorough and painstaking, rather than to proceed as speedily as possible. As John puts it: “At all stages it was important to do things right — the project was never a sprint race.” They also chose local companies, such as H&W Sellors, a builder from Bakewell, businesses that had proven experience of conservation in the Peak District.

Renewable energy and heating systems

A local company undertook the design, supply and installation of the renewable energy and renewable heating systems.

Approved by the Microgeneration Certification ShemeWhen choosing a renewable energy systems installer it is advised that those accredited by the Microgeneration Certification Scheme – their website offers a helpful search for an installer function to find approved companies near you.

The nature of the Whitfields’ project meant that their decision to proceed at a steady rather than a breakneck pace paid off. John says: “Planning timescales are longer than you would want. The conservation officer can visit at any time to monitor what is being done. This is because of the safeguards, which surround the planning, and outcome of repairs and alterations to listed buildings and the national park. You need a lot of patience.”

After the granting of listed-building consent in 2013, the work began. Immediately, however, a problem appeared: the gateway to the manor had remained the width of an old carriage for centuries, so there was no access from the road for standard-sized vehicles, skip deliveries, or the drilling rig. Fortunately they were given permission to widen the gateway, so this was the first job to be carried out.

Throughout the project, the couple lived in a ramshackle barn, rather than staying in the house — a wise decision as the kitchen wall collapsed because of poor original building work and decay over many centuries. The workmen were forced to down tools just in case other similar defects emerged.

“The rest of the house was taken apart to inspect for other hidden troubles. It was pretty demoralizing to see our beautiful home reduced to a shell. On the plus side, our local workers were knowledgeable about dealing with the emergency and helped us gain retrospective planning permission. They also understood the Peak Park planning and Listed Building requirements,” says John.

For the ground-source heating, drilling took place “ten hours a day, for weeks, leaving mud everywhere”, as holes were bored deeper than 100 metres into the limestone bedrock. After the installation of the heat pump, the underfloor heating was switched on to dry out the new lime plaster and bring life back to the house.

Renewed and revitalised, it now blends 18th-century charm with 21st-century eco-chic.

Everyone takes pictures but can anyone be a photographer http://www.feng-swish.com/everyone-takes-pictures-but-can-anyone-be-a-photographer/ Mon, 16 Nov 2015 16:40:51 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3854 There are the ones who are and those who believe they are photographers.

As technology has changed and improved, most mobile phones are equipped with a camera.

To support this feature, there are Apps which allow to retouch and add effects such as filters to the captured scene.

But what is a photographer?

Of course, it is a person who takes pictures whatever the sector of activity. Some are experts in a specific area:

  • commercial
  • portrait
  • wedding
  • landscape
  • concert
  • architecture
  • 360º
  • sport
  • food and drink

urban photography

There is a skill to compose the image – this means by framing the subject(s) in order to give the entire scene something appealing and attractive. A lot of people can press a shutter button but, there is that extra expertise which will make a basic object/building look special. It can be related to the angle, the light or the shadow.

As everything is digital it’s very practical to spend hours on a computer to transform a boring or bad photograph. It seems that talent is no more necessary, because dedicated software will allow even a person with average skills to produce something good.

Some businesses have employees who spend all day & everyday retouching and even creating images from scratch. In fact, no camera is used! Meanwhile, the final image will look real with the correct shadows, perspective, colours and all other relevant details.

It becomes harder to differentiate real from fake landscapes, buildings and overall situations. CGI (Computer Generated Images) is the “enemy” for photographers.

As an example, if an advertising agency is after a particular Summery shot of holidaymakers walking on a sunny beach for the forthcoming marketing campaign, knowing it’s November, it is guaranteed that everything will be created digitally in-house by using high-end equipment, but not relying on a photographer.

Landscape photo retouched

Are photographers still needed?

The answer to this question can be vague. Having mentioned CGI just above, it is certain that a photographer still has an important role to play when it comes to cover an event where imagery is a must. What would be an article about The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee without a single picture?

We mustn’t forget that readers – whether online or in newspapers – want to see what happened or who was wearing what! Consequently, sending someone to cover the Palme d’Or in Cannes is essential for most glossy magazines.

Before the release of the latest James Bond “Spectre, fans were after a glimpse of the Aston Martin and other action scenes from the making of.

Such coverage has to be done with high-resolution cameras and smartphone selfies won’t be good enough.

Taking photos on holidays, during a night out or for a celebration is accessible to everyone!

But let’s face it, a little sensor at the back of a cell phone won’t produce a pin-sharp image – or at least not as good as a professional DSLR.

Getting the right gear can be rather pricey. It usually starts with a camera body and a lens, a tripod or monopod (the latter being more practical to use and transport). In general, a pro photographer will own more than one kit, mainly to be able to take rapidly action shots or close-ups.

photographer equipment

In the long term, the total spent by a freelance photo-journalist/reporter can reach a substantial amount. We are talking in thousand of Pounds. It is indeed a job where it is essential to be able to get the latest equipment, despite of not earning that much.

There is a great documentary titled “homme less which says it all. Working in a glamorous surrounding but, struggling to survive with dignity. There is always the reverse of the medal.

In reality, there is a price to pay to be part of the crowd, even if behind the camera. It is a bit similar to owning properties and buildings – freehold investment is great as long as the finances follow.

What does this mean?!

A photographer can be present in all swish and trendy venues but this doesn’t mean that he/she lives in a luxurious penthouse. In many cases, it is surprising that those people sharing their evenings in swanky hotels may share accommodations and their equipment is the only thing close to their heart.

Don’t be fooled; they are there to cover a party or an award ceremony but they belong to a no man’s land. Standing between the excited crowd/audience and the actual A list.

Not everyone can be a photographer unless you are ready to sacrifice your lifestyle.

Adapting a bathroom for disabled and elderly access http://www.feng-swish.com/disabled-and-elderly-access-bathing/ Tue, 10 Nov 2015 18:55:51 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3843 Bathing becomes more difficult and time consuming the older you get, yet it is a necessary part of day to day living. For young and healthy people, bath time or shower time can be a leisurely and relaxing activity, used to ease away the stress of the day, however for older people or disabled people it can become a daily struggle, which can be dangerous if the bathroom is not properly adapted for the elderly or for disabled use.

By a sudden change of circumstance, you may be required to take care of an elderly or disabled relative at short notice. This cannot be taken lightly as many things that we as able-bodied people take for granted every day, an elderly or disabled person may find incredibly hard to do. It is therefore important that you take the necessary measures to ensure that life is as easy as possible for your new house guest.

Because of the confined space combined with wet and slippery surfaces with little to no handlebars or support, bathroom accidents are one of the most common causes of injuries in elderly people at home. Simple tasks such as getting in and out of the bath may be second nature to young and able-bodied people, but become far more difficult if you have less strength or mobility in your legs and arms.

Often the only solution to ensure that your elderly or disabled relative is safe in the bathroom is to undergo a complete bathroom renovation. Converting a bathroom into a wet room for easy and safe bathing can be straight forward if you call in specialist in adapting existing bathrooms to give level access or replacing the bath with a walk in shower.

walk in shower full height

Although it can be costly and time consuming, there are a number of small changes you can make to your bathroom to make sure that your new guest has no difficulty using the facilities, however if your elderly or disabled relative is going to be staying for the long term, it may be beneficial to look at completely renovating and adapting your bathroom for their use. After all, you can adapt to the situation, they can’t.

Hand Rails

There are two different ways to install hand rails for easy access and to prevent nasty falls for your elderly or disabled relative. If the home stay is simply a temporary solution while your relative transfers care homes or their own home is being renovated, there are suction grab bars which can be purchased for short term use. These can be pretty powerful and actually just attach to the wall with no need for screws.

However if your elderly or disabled relative is staying for the long term or indefinitely, a more permanent solution will be best as with wear and use, suction grab bars will deteriorate and can put unnecessary stress on the wall behind. Testing the strength of your walls is important as your relative will rely on the strength of these hand rails to help them up and prevent them from suffering any nasty falls. If you believe your relative is staying at your home for the long term, it is better to have professionally installed handicap grab bars.

Raised Seats/Lowered Basins, Switches and Handles

To prevent your relative from having to raise or lower themselves too much, lowering the heights or placement of things such as basins, door handles and light switches can really help. This prevents your relative from having to move about too much, which will reduce their risk of falling or suffering an injury while in the bathroom unattended. Plus it gives them the freedom to take care of themselves if nobody else is available, and makes it generally easier for them to use the facilities unaided.

Raised seats also help when transferring relatives from a wheelchair to the toilet, with various clamps on seats or installation seats available. Certain toilet seats even have arm rests to prevent your relative from slipping from the seat while they are using the facilities.


Accessible Baths

For long term stays, the safety of your relative is imperative. Although they can be costly, accessible baths are always recommended for those who have trouble getting around. These are specifically designed baths that allow your relative to safely bathe without having to worry about lifting themselves into or out of the bath.

There are assisted baths which are standard bath tubs with a built in swivel seat lift. It is imperative to ensure that your bath has enough room to accommodate the seat, as this will be used to assist your relative with getting in and out of the bath. Assisted baths can be manual or power traverse.

Walk-in baths are more specifically designed baths with a built in moulded seat and a bath door. Instead of having to lift their legs over the edge of the bath, your relative can simply walk in through the door. With the door then closed the bath can be properly filled at the start and emptied at the finish of the bath. When considering walk-in baths it is also good to install an overspill as walk-in baths can be subject to occasional leakage, which will be dangerous for both you and your relatives if left unattended.

Covering Corners and Non Slip Flooring

Corners can be a nightmare for elderly relatives, particularly those that may be confined to a wheelchair. While we so easily brush past corners and hard surfaces every day, a simple knock can sprout a nasty looking bruise for the elderly or incapacitated, so it is important to take the necessary safety measures to prevent this.

Rubber corner guards can easily be purchased to ensure that your relative doesn’t injure themselves on cupboard or counter corners and these can also make it easier for relatives to grip onto counters. Non slip flooring is also essential for older relatives, as a simple fall from standing height can cause injury. There is a variety of different non slip flooring mats available so take a little time deciding which one would be the best for your home.

Whether your relative is only staying at your home for a short time or their stay is more permanent, it is your responsibility to do all that you can to ensure that their stay is as pleasant as possible, and making just a few changes to your bathroom could help improve their ease of life and prevent otherwise avoidable injuries.

The trend of industrial interior design http://www.feng-swish.com/the-trend-of-industrial-interior-design/ Tue, 27 Oct 2015 14:36:43 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3817 A few years ago, it was fashionable to have a kind of organized clutter in your living room/lounge, with a lot of framed pictures and heavy coffee table books.

Nowadays in the 21st century (2015 to be exact), it is more about having that vintage, industrial and almost empty space… still welcoming though.

If you go to East London – Shoreditch in fact – you will see Boxpark.

When shipping containers are becoming temporary/permanent/static/mobile venues for shops and restaurants. Maybe the alternative for pop-ups?

A solid and safe shelter instead of a gazebo?!

Some architects seem to concentrate on designing accommodations using those metal containers – see examples on Dwell’s website.

After all, it is modern and so versatile that everything is possible by asking skilled electricians, carpenters and plumbers to convert the simple shell into something stylish and cosy!

The way we are living is changing: there is the technology and all these e-gadgets which have a price to pay. Consequently, we either have to earn more or to save somewhere else in order to meet the demand of everything.

Restaurants, bars, coffee shops have started to adopt this “less is more” finish – almost industrial too. Recycling and upcycling is what people like to do. Is this a direct reaction from the financial struggle linked to the recession?

There was also this television programme where it was all about having stainless steel kitchen units and expensive knives. All this has shifted as well.

Having something rustic and almost used is what people are after. A wooden table with a few dents or a slightly rusty lamp which has seen a few years can have a lot of style. Why? Simply because there is a kind of identity behind the object.

Rustic and industrial interior design

Rustic and industrial interior design

Going out for a meal is all about the food and its freshness. The decor is not as important as it was… Some meals can happen in a barn, tent or marquee as long as the dish is tasty and full of flavours.

Families’ habits have changed as well when it comes to holidays. In the late nineties, it was about Spain, Malta and those sunny resorts by the sea where everything was purpose built to receive the “Brits” in a fake paradise city.

Beautiful and simple is the way forward. Forgetting the urban chaos is something that a lot of people are after. Thankfully, the UK has Dartmoor and Exmoor which can offer so much.

Spending a few days in a log cabin or a park home is perceived as something adventurous. Not following what everyone else does and being close to nature is certainly more relaxing than stressing about catching a flight and reaching the over crowded hotel with all mod cons.

Popular destinations have been holiday parks with fishing lakes without forgetting the dog friendly factor which is on the rise as it is important to keep everyone together and happy during the school breaks!

Life can be fun, but it is maybe time to step back from what is actually keeping us (too) busy and eating our precious time. It is easy to navigate a touchscreen and forget was is around us. In the same way we appreciate empty and raw designs, should we live less complicated and digital lives to emphasis on real friends!

It is now common to go to a swanky public place to eat or meet people where concrete is predominant, but there is still this feeling of warmth, because the way lights have been installed, it will create that comfortable feeling.

Industrial home design with raw concrete

Industrial home design with raw concrete

#Taste the #coffee whether sitting or standing http://www.feng-swish.com/taste-the-coffee-whether-sitting-or-standing/ Tue, 06 Oct 2015 15:40:54 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3799 The coffee industry is booming. Whatever new ‘thing’ is opening its doors, there must be a coffee machine and grinder.

Making coffee and drinking it are new activities of the 21st century – replacing meetups and meetings in public houses. It is trendy too. Liking coffee is a bit like appreciating fine wines and food with all little details which make that experience so unique and unforgettable. There can be a real ceremony about preparing a hot beverage, especially when the barista is using a scale to make sure that all variables are respected.

After all, making coffee is similar to cooking/baking – there are ingredients and the timing is precious or it could ruin that crafted cappuccino or flat white.

Coffee shops’ owners/managers are becoming interested in knowing more about coffee than ever before. Why? Because customers are asking more questions and it is essential to be able to answer all queries from the provenance of the beans to the roast profile too.

Throughout the world, micro-roasteries have multiplied. Buying the green beans and then roasting them the way you wish in order to please clients’ demand is something to think of as well.

Some countries such as Italy or France like a dark roasted coffee, as in the UK it is more of a light to medium roast.

Body, aroma, flavour and acidity will be different according to the length of the roasting process.

The story of The Roast Things is an interesting example.

However, Kyoto’s Weekenders Coffee is even more astonishing.

…Over the past five years, Weekenders has transformed from a conventional sit-down cafe into a dedicated roastery. In 2011, owner Masahiro Kaneko removed all the window seats to make room for a Probat roaster, drawing a few grumbles from customers who liked to sit and watch the Eizan Electric Railway rumble past outside. Last year, he dispensed with tables altogether: If you want to drink at Weekenders, it’s now standing room only… Source

In this latter case, the coffee maker has stepped up to be a coffee roaster. This is what makes the big difference. Being an artisan is back on the map and is perceived as something very exciting and appealing for consumers.

Weekenders Coffee Kyoto Japan

Weekenders Coffee Kyoto Japan

People are starting to understand that freshly roasted coffee will bring a better quality drink than something which has been packed several months/weeks ago. Also, ground coffee will deteriorate faster than beans.

In the case of Mr Kaneko, he has sacrificed some of his business space to actually produce speciality coffee which is on the rise in Japan. As he declared:

Japanese people can’t handle too much acidity. If you want to cater to Japanese tastes, you need to bring out some of the coffee’s sweetness when you’re roasting — otherwise this (speciality coffee) boom might fizzle out

To read the full story read article from Japanese Times.

coffee drinking

coffee drinking

A new born: @kioskafe #London http://www.feng-swish.com/a-new-born-kioskafe-london/ Tue, 06 Oct 2015 08:56:02 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3793 People say that only corporations and chains are opening huge stores in shopping centres throughout the UK.

Some of you may have heard of Monocle magazine!

There is already an existing Monocle Shop in London. See details and directions HERE.

Now, there is a new addition and physical presence: Kioskafé! Social media is running too – @kioskafe!

Kioskafe london

Kioskafe logo london

Rather than writing a lot of words, see video below.


#Lifestyle: back to basics http://www.feng-swish.com/lifestyle-back-to-basics/ Thu, 17 Sep 2015 16:45:09 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3784 It is obvious for all of us that having at least one digital device is normal. Some have the full set including tablet, smartphone, mp3 player, laptop, desktop, smartwatch and other wearables. Being connected is what counts and if you aren’t…well, it is a bit like being an outsider.

A few years back, someone said “i can’t find you on Facebook”, assuming that everyone would follow that trend! Not a surprise she couldn’t find me as I am not a user of this particular network.

Facebook Like and Dislike buttons

Facebook Like and Dislike buttons

Since the expansion of the internet, individuals share online their lives – where they go, what they do and buy, who they see… the list is endless. It is becoming like a personal journal but publicly available, which sometimes can just be over the top!

Even when cycling there is an App called Strava to track distance, speed, altitude and whatever else you want.

As cycling and drinking coffee are almost like siamese twins, you get to meet people from the coffee scene; from barista (the hipsters who make those patterns on your cappuccinos) to roasters (the guys who transform the green beans to consumable coffee). The latter are a bit like the chefs of the coffee world; they give the taste and flavour to those precious beans.

And really, drinking coffee is something so simple but so good and enjoyable. Making filter coffee is available to everyone and everywhere. No need to have expensive equipment. Home brewing coffee is becoming again a thing, right in the middle of this digital era like a real ceremony where all variables are important and this can be done without firmware updates or connectivity!!!

How does this all work?

You will need:

  • ground coffee
  • a scale
  • paper filter
  • brewing device of your choice
  • hot water

In general it is preferable to buy freshly roasted coffee beans and then use them as you go, in order to keep all the aroma intact. The ‘roasted on‘ is also something to check and not the ‘used by‘ date.

As John Maeda wrote in The Laws of Simplicity, simplicity needs complexity in our daily lives.

Enjoying a perfectly brewed coffee can be like heaven. Same rule applies with food and it doesn’t need to be complicated to prepare. However, being online is seen and perceived as essential to have a normal day or the stress starts to gain people as they can’t check their messages/emails on the move! This is what has changed… being able to do so many things from anywhere and this includes online shopping (from clothes, shoes to train/cinema tickets).

If we take the digital sharing activity, it is concerning but when it comes to share a table/bench people are almost against it because it is ‘their space‘!? Are they aware that a social media account doesn’t make it their property? Whatever is added to it can be removed and what about the copyright of their images?!

Maybe living an easier life away from all those updates and Apps could make us less anxious, nervous and possibility a better world would emerge from it?

Apps updates alert

Apps updates alert

Art and simplicity: paper and scissors http://www.feng-swish.com/art-and-simplicity-paper-and-scissors/ Fri, 14 Aug 2015 11:21:49 +0000 http://www.feng-swish.com/?p=3765 Twenty first century is all about digital technology…but maybe not JUST about technology.

Yoo Hyun is a South Korean artist. The art uses paper, scissors and other manual tools such as knife and tweezers.

The instagram account says it all: https://instagram.com/yoo.hyun/

Yoo Hyun Hand-cut jazz trumpet player

Yoo Hyun Hand-cut jazz trumpet player


Yoo Hyun Hand-Cut Jim Morrison portrait

Yoo Hyun Hand-Cut Jim Morrison portrait


It may be hard to actually understand how this “works” but by looking at it closer, it all makes sense: patience and passion are the keywords.

Yoo Hyun hand-cut work

Yoo Hyun hand-cut work


Yoo Hyun hand-cut Picasso portrait

Yoo Hyun hand-cut Picasso portrait