We can’t all be geniuses when it comes to thinking of a unique killer design for your new driveway. And when was the last time that your bespoke landscaped garden looked anything like a nice place to be? The truth is that many of us really need some divine inspiration regarding our projected house and garden ideas. Thankfully there are some helpers in the form of some very sweet computer based design tools. We look at some of these now and suggest you give them a yell before you kick off that next mega project of yours!

Marshalls Driveway Visualizerhttp://www.marshalls.co.uk/homeowners/free-garden-patio-and-driveway-design-tools/driveway-visualiser

What a way to get the show on the road, this piece of software will soon be every aspiring driveway builder’s bestest buddy!  All you need to do is to take an up to date photo of your home and present driveway and upload this onto the Marshall Driveway Visualizer. You can then follow the very simple online instructions to alter your present driveway into the shape and form that you desire. You can interchange various surfaces and styles until your driveway design is right on the money! You can swap out the various kerb designs and increase/decrease the various measurements until you have it down to a tee. Those nice folk will even calculate the cost, supply and help you to build this bad boy! Or you can simply use the app to add a few hefty deposits to that empty old idea bank!

Patio Tiphttp://appfinder.lisisoft.com/app/patio-tip.html

This is ideal for those of us whose patios really do resemble a tip! But seriously, this app is here to share a few caring secrets with us regarding the patio garden that we love to ignore! Everything is included here, from maintaining the pesky slabs all the way through to what patio furniture to buy next. There is a huge array of patio related pictures at your beck and call and you will soon be in concrete heaven! This app runs on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, and you will need iOS 3.0 or later to get this bad boy working its magic for your patio. You can spend hours just pontificating about how to dress up that dreary space and before you know it you will be down the home improvement store on a mission!

Making A Rock Garden by KoolAppz – $.99-http://www.androidpit.com/en/android/market/apps/app/com.koolappz.ED77500008101/Making-A-Rock-Garden

We really love this cool app and believe it will totally rock your rock garden…hmmm, maybe too many rocks there! But it has the potential to turn your disaster area into a prize winning place of beauty. This application is brought to you from those green fingered wizards over at Android and we can’t believe that it weighs in at less than a dollar! Every aspect of creating a rock garden is catered for and there are a host of beautiful suggestions just waiting to jump out on you. Loads of photos of perfect rock gardens are included and almost every compatible plant and stone combination has been detailed here!

3 Great Inspirations For You

We love all three of these clever tools and believe that your garden and driveway will soon be your number one fan!

Today’s featured writer, Luke Waugh, is an employee at Parker Concrete and he freelances as an interior designer. His brilliant work is a complete reflection of his creativity and designing skills. Some of his best work includes his recent projects for new and innovative concrete driveways in Perth. He is one of those visionaries who like making use of the latest technologies available to enhance the use of his skills.