Descriptive camera

Who doesn’t take photographs with their smartphones, iPods or latest tablets such as iPads.

With the birth of all digital mobile photography Apps such as Hipstamatic and Instagram the photographic landscape has changed. It is now very easy to capture and process, giving contemporary shots and vintage feel.

However, something very conceptual has been created by Matt Richardson: the descriptive camera!

Intriguing, interesting and very…unusual!

The product works excatly like a conventional camera: point it at a subject and press the shutter.

The only difference is the result: instead of producing an image, this prototype outputs a text description of the scene.

We could go through what is in the box and use electronic jargon to describe the way the ensemble works!

But a video is probably more adequate.

But is there a future for this product as said by one person from the audience? Or do people want the visual effect rather than a written description?

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