Everyone is nowadays trying to reduce the amount of money spent on irrelevant products and gadgets. Food, mortgage and rent are the priorities once we are getting our monthly salary. The leftover is allocated to social activities such as going to the pub, cinema and meeting up friends.

But, people are getting more aware about the cost of petrol and travelling better and cheaper is on everybody’s mind.

A change of attitude and lifestyle in the past months are obvious. Going to work with a bicycle is on the increase, especially in capital cities such as London and Paris. It is cheaper than public transports and faster too: forget the long queues at the traffic lights and the constant anxiety to be behind your desk on time.

Of course, there is an initial cost too – but once bought you just need to ride the cycle as you are then the main engine of your own means of transport.

Too often, the cyclist will go for a great bicycle but totally disregards all accessories, as if these are gadgets, when in fact they are rather important for a safety point of view. We are not talking about the good looking jersey or messenger bag, but concerning Bookman bicycle lights, high visibility jackets for instance and practical items such as The Nutter Tool – almost revolutionary according to some reports by avid riders.

cycling accessories and tools infographic

Not to forget that the safety rules are also applicable for children.

Brain injuries can change and affect your future and lifestyle. A good head protection is very important – remember it is not about the look and design when it comes to security but the efficiency of it.

Recently, KraniumDesign announced a paper helmet (yes, indeed paper) which is actually stronger/tougher than the traditional polystyrene structure. Amazing!

Paper Helmet - Source Google Images

Cycling is – sometimes – becoming too much of a fashion show. This is not about being noticed for a good looking outfit but being seen by other road users, to avoid crashes/bruises or other unpleasant damages.

Bike fanatics own in general more than one cycle. It is more than sitting on a saddle to go from home to work and back. It is truly a lifestyle which has a positive impact on well-being and health.