The 21st century is without a doubt directly linked to everything digital. Nowadays everyone has at least one device allowing to connect with a social media network.

It all depends what you are after, but there are quite a few platforms to get friends, followers, contacts:

to name the most popular and the list will certainly grow in the next few months/years.

The new generations are just living into a virtual world. Even the music has taken the shape of a MP3 file which can be shared and stored on a “Cloud” or DropBox ( – and this means accessible from everywhere.

A sense of practicality, but also that situation of not being able to hold a product with a real packaging. In the past, it was like a privilege – almost an exclusivity – to have a CD or a vinyl with all studio pictures in a kind of booklet and the lyrics (sometimes even hand written by the artists).

Graphic design services were on the check list as it was a major priority when putting the final product together. The image has to reflect what the performer is about: in other words a band is a brand.

Where would the music industry be without striking and notable graphics?!

London and other worldwide capitals are full of media and communication agencies. Everyone wants to be part of the movement. But, have they got what it takes?

Price of Success

 Having a creative mind is VERY important in order to bring new, unique and different ideas. No one wants a kind of déjà-vù logo, brochure or other advertising project.

similar logo ideas

Creatives are now rather privileged as there is everything to ease and support their daily tasks. Read this article HERE about “10 imaginative offices you’ll wish you worked at“. In general, people think of Googleplex first, but there are loads more as well.

A great and ideal environment for people who have to constantly bring bright ideas should blend work and play. More and more employers are going this way with dedicated areas, to relax or change scenery: playrooms, silent lounges, massage rooms to relax neck and shoulders…etc

An almost mandatory investment to keep the ball rolling but mainly stay the best in the marketing jungle.

From the outside, it sounds like fun. But overall it is about supplying outstanding results –  this is what counts. To do so the creative space and layout have to be cleverly organised, to avoid saturation and stagnation.

Success is always possible as long as the “idea makers” are able to think outside the box.