Creating a Unique Bedroom Design For Your Child

It is important to cultivate and encourage your child’s creativity and sometimes their creative mind and abilities are affected by the style of their bedroom. It may sound a little strange but if we connect more to our working surroundings, we work more productively and are also more eager to work and to learn.

Giving your child his or her own space and designing that with your child’s interests in mind will help them to gain an essential understanding of having possession of something. They will put effort into keeping the space clear and tidy and will make more effort into reducing spills. A space in which your child can feel safe and can relax in their own time is a great gift to give.

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You don’t have to have a massive playroom or refurbish the conservatory for your children. A child’s bedroom is the ideal place to create a space in which they feel safe and they can explore the realms of their creativity. So how can we create a well designed, spacious looking bedroom that appeals to the specific interests of your son or daughter?


Think of your child’s room like a miniature apartment. Your son or daughter will need a space in which to do their homework, a space for relaxing and having friends over and a space for sleeping. By separating up the room into these sections and planning the space accordingly, we can easily design a modern child’s room that makes the best use of the space available while at the same time providing your child with all the essentials that they need.

Pushing a bed against a wall will create an open space in the centre of the room which might otherwise be lost if the bed is in the middle of the room. Plus by tucking the bed away in a corner or even by using a heightened bed with a ladder, you get the illusion of creating more space within the room without having to make many more adjustments to the layout of the room.


Shelf Space
Whether it is DVD’s, Video Games, CD’s or simply books or plush toys, your child will need ample space for shelving. However it can get cluttered easily and unless you have enough space to place a large bookshelf or two in the room, it can become a problem.

Consider placing shelving above and across the bed, where it can be easily reached by standing on the bed. Tall, narrow bookshelves that cover the height of the room are also great as they don’t appear to take up much space, but due to their height they can hold a fair amount of books or DVD’s!


Beds that double as desks, wardrobes
If your room has height, why not use it! By having an elevated bed, depending on the height of the room, you can store wardrobes, chest of drawers and even a desk underneath the bed. Another great way to make the best use of your bed space is to build a wardrobe around it. Use the space above your head for large cupboards or shelving!


Hanging Baskets
For younger children, large wardrobes and cupboards or plastic boxes may not be the best choice of storage for their toys and plushies. Hanging baskets or hanging nets are a great solution to a lack of storage as they can be hung from the wall or even from the ceiling and toys and plushies can be easily taken out.

Plus with very young children, implementing a ‘tidy up’ initiative; where children place their toys back in the baskets after they are done, will help them to stay cleaner and get in the habit of clearing up after themselves for later on in life.


Creative Walls/Artwork Walls
How do you prevent your children from scribbling on the walls? Simple, create a wall for just that purpose. Dedicate part of or an entire wall to artwork by installing a giant chalk board or even a whiteboard. You can even turn part of the board into a calendar where you and the kids can write down your importance appointments and play dates, to ensure that nothing on the schedule is ever missed!


Another great idea for a child’s room, or for any room in the house for that matter, is to create an individual piece of artwork on the wallpaper using stencils or masking tape to create the image. Paint over the stencil or the tape, remove the tape and voila! You have beautiful artwork that you can even customise to suit your child’s hobbies, such as a racing car or a dinosaur.

Whether your child is heavily into sports, they prefer to sit down and read, they’re a budding hair stylist or they’d rather get involved in the latest multiplayer online game, with a little innovation and a few good ideas you can create a beautiful, individual space for them to enjoy. And for the kids; take pride in your bedroom! It’s there for you after all!

If you have something specific in mind you can always speak to a professional interior designer such as Crispin Williams at Engaging Interiors for a refreshingly innovative and unique approach to interior design across the home.

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