Create Ambiance in your Home With Modern Lighting

Throughout your house, you may have many different lighting options, and each geared towards different effects pertaining to the room in which they are featured.

For example in your living/TV room, where you may spend most of your time and do a bulk of your entertaining, you may have a need for more or less lighting depending on your specific needs at that time.

The use of overhead lighting, whether it be a central light, ceiling fan with directional lighting or canned lights installed in the ceiling, can greatly change the ambiance of the room for whatever your desired need may be. You can also change the mood of the room with the utilization of designer table lamps set off in the corners of the room set to dimmer bulbs to alter the mood when watching a movie or maybe sneaking in a quick dance with that special someone once the kids are in bed. All of these options are considered designer lighting, but each serves a unique purpose depending on what your need of the moment may be.

Along your stairways or down hallways perhaps, another form of decorative lighting may come in the use of sconces along the walls. These can be found with a wide variety of designer covers and shapes which would allow additional lighting when using these areas without making it so bright that it distracts from other rooms. The use of sconces also ensures a lit path, free of debris when needing to use these areas at night or if window light is not readily available.

In the master suite, you could also utilize a set of contemporary floor lamps that are set up as reading lamps on each side of the bed, or over a sitting area for additional light while reading.

The use of can lights are also great, especially if you have low ceilings. These provide a good deal of light for the room as well as can be set to a dimmer switch for those times where less light is desired. Another great thing about most modern lighting systems is that they can be set up on a universal remote to control from the comfort of your bed. It is really great on a cold night when you are tucked in nice and warm, and not wanting to get out of your warm bed to turn off the lights.

A final option is built-in ambient lighting. This can be something as simple as placing a rope light around the perimeter of the ceiling and building a ledge around it to hide it from view. This will allow the light to shine out, however keep the actual source hidden from view. This could also mean bringing in actual lighting structures and doing the same thing with the build out to hide the source. In reality, designer lighting does not have to mean spending lots of money.

Either way, this type of lighting is great for a movie room, or the main room you watch TV in. Preventing the room from being completely dark, yet setting the mood as if you were in a theatre, this type of lighting is becoming very popular in modern builds and remodels, and is relatively inexpensive to implement.

In closing, lighting can come in all shapes and sizes, and really, it is dependent on your personal style and what you need for your specific living space. It can cost as little or as much as you care to spend, and when done right can really change the outlook of your home. There are also a couple of options for you should you be unsure of what you may want or need for your space whether it is a number of free sites online or the experts working in most home improvement stores. Either would be able to point you in the right direction. With all the different lighting options out there, the sky is truly the limit.

Images provided by Ligne Roset UK, and Ligne Roset USA

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