Create a Dining Room of Distinction

The manner in which houses are furnished can say a lot about an owner’s personality. A room that’s been designed with love and attention is always more interesting than one that’s just been cobbled together with odds and ends.

Dining-SetSo, how can you make a dining room that stands out for all the right reasons?


  • Vary your lighting to create different moods. Dimmer switches are good but they’re not the only option. Opt for chandeliers for the ceiling for regal opulence and combine with strategic spotlights recessed into ceilings or even walls. Wall mounted dome lights can look striking too and a scattering of candles on the table top can help set ambience.
  • Choose the colour of your light fittings carefully as they’ll influence the style of the room in a big way. Black fittings are good for those after monochrome designs while white and silver have a classic elegance to them.


  • Your furniture should complement your wall colour. If you have used a dark colour on the walls then opt for light coloured dinning room chairs and table. New dining room chairs and a table from Sainsbury’s can come in a range of different colours and finishes so why not take a look at their range for ideas?
  • Try not to crowd the room with too large a table. If you’re planning to host parties in the room you’ll need to be able to manoeuvre around your guests so choose a table which suits the room you have to hand.


  • Make sure that the colours fit in with the rest of your design. If your room is large you can always opt for flounces or frills but a smaller room definitely needs a plainer backdrop.
  • You can define this room with a good quality print or an original piece of artwork. Make sure that you have wall lights to highlight any pictures that you hang and place them in a central place to make them a real focus of the room.

This is a guest post provided by Sainsbury’s. Once you’ve drawn up a plan for redecorating your dining room, take a look at the selection of new dining room chairs and a table from Sainsbury’s to find high quality, affordable units.


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