Could a gift box change someone’s life

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Gift boxes are perpetually popular ways to show appreciation or celebrate an occasion.

If they’re filled with thoughtful items, they could even be life-changing for the recipient.

Here are some scenarios to consider.

Eco-friendly Gift Boxes

Today, people are much more aware that their choices could impact the environment than they’ve been in times past. However, many individuals still feel that anything they do isn’t going to make a huge difference one way or the other. If you’re trying to convince a friend to be kinder to the environment, you’ll have to start small.

Pack a gift box with a few soaps or beauty items that have been created sustainably. These products often use all-natural ingredients too, which makes people less likely to have an allergic reaction to them. Don’t forget to include a few pocket sized things such as lip balm that your friend can carry with them wherever they go.

Recycling is an easy and effective way to be kind to the environment, but some people need encouragement before they’ll get started with the process. If your town has a recycling program, make sure your gift box includes some instructions about how a person can participate. Some communities have single stream recycling programs, which means that every recyclable item can go into one bin. In this case, recycling really is as easy as taking out the garbage!

Fitness Gift Boxes

You can also use a gift box to help someone start living a healthier lifestyle. Until a fitness routine becomes fully integrated into a person’s day, it often feels like a chore instead of something that’s eagerly anticipated.

A journal is a great way to make it easier for someone to monitor their progress. Setting goals makes people more likely to stay on track and not get discouraged. Your friend can use the journal to look back and see how far they’ve come. Harder days and obstacles are realities when it comes to getting and staying in shape, but it’s often necessary to document the extent of the journey from the beginning and use it as a source of encouragement later.

Also, think about including a gift certificate to a local store that sells workout apparel. People often have low self-esteem when they first begin working out, but wearing clothes that are flattering and practical for the gym can make a big difference. Other soft items such as gym towels or sweatbands are useful, and fold easily into most sizes of gift boxes.

Pick out a water bottle or two, as well. Staying hydrated is essential whether someone is working out in their local fitness center, or taking a jog around the neighbourhood. Choose bright, fun colours, or maybe even a graphical design of some sort. People appreciate being able to look stylish while they’re breaking a sweat, so if your friend regularly uses an MP3 player or wears a certain shade of gym attire, try to find a water bottle that will match the rest of their ensemble.

As you can see from these examples, gift boxes might seem like a relatively small gesture, but if you choose the enclosed items carefully, you could be responsible for helping a friend make positive choices that benefit their own health, or the health of the environment.

Lisa Merritt writes for hospitality blogs where you can learn more about Retail Packaging Gift Boxes.

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