Coastal and English Heritage

Remember the time when technology (internet) and social media (facebook, twitter, instagram…) were not part of our daily lives?

What were people doing with their spare time? Of course, television was present and the eventual boardgames. There was as well the traditional snooker, darts and other quiz and bingo at the local pub.

When the weather was pleasant, some families would take their cars then park it and go for a walk in the countryside. It was about escaping the urban nuisance and work related stress.

A breath of fresh air was what people were after.

There was a real connection people-nature. Have we lost this because of the omnipresence of digital devices which are invading our lives, houses and offices? No one seems to be able to stay for a few minutes without checking whether there is a notification/mention/like or a new message in their inbox!

Having a pair of walking shoes/wellington boots was normal thing.

The twenty first century is gone off the track. Everything is about firmware upgrade, apps and selfie or other online challenges – everyone has heard about “the ice bucket”. What happen to all the real values?

The United Kingdom has a beautiful landscape and unique national parks such as Exmoor and Dartmoor.

Ray of Light over Dartmoor - Photo by Andrew Gilbert

Ray of Light over Dartmoor – Photo by Andrew Gilbert


Devonshire and the South West Coast Path have historically as well as archaeologically significant sites. Are individuals driven by the internet and totally superficial?

Being close to the nature is and should be a primal instinct but concrete buildings, huge windows and soulless town centres are becoming similar to magnets. Just look around you on weekends! Pavements, restaurants (usually chains) are full up. In contrast, the green meadows are quiet and empty.

…Led by the South West Coast Path Association, there are 100 especially selected guided walks to choose from across Dorset, Devon, Exmoor and Cornwall… Source

All these areas have to be protected and kept in good conditions. Most visitors are respecting what they see/visit but some don’t. It is an ongoing work to maintain these paths clean of litter.

Luckily Devon has also some companies who are dealing with recycling waste, container and skip hire to avoid Coastal and English Heritage to be covered with unwanted plastic bags/items and other discarded leftovers.

If you are interested in visiting/exploring/discovering the South West for some trekking activities and escape cluttered cities, check

It will certainly boost your morale and give you more energy for further walks and why not some campsites under the beautiful sky of the English Riviera.

Taking care of our environment is as important as eating healthy.

Buying constantly new products might become an old skool habit. Having rustic furniture and vintage clothes have been a growing movement. Protecing and looking after local interests are bringing a community together.

A Devon based artist is taken things to another level by creating artworks using unwanted junk!

…Artist Jane Perkins, from Kenton near Exeter, is a a self-described ‘re-maker’ using discarded plastic objects to re-create iconic portraits, including those of the Mona Lisa, Michael Jackson, Albert Einstein and the Royal Family… Source

Artwork by Devon based artist Jane Perkins

Artwork by Devon based artist Jane Perkins


And to be even stronger the Exeter Pound has been officially accepted: this will be a local currency same as in Bristol and other few towns across the UK.

What does this say to us?

Despite of all the progress in high-tech some people are still looking after the basics  – using what is natural such as wood and other fabrics to make art and also keeping this sense of friendship/communication to maintain the local economy afloat.

It is certain that new generations seem to be more attracted towards fashion, smartphones and tablets. Anything related to “the countryside” is almost rejected because not that cool.  Have they forgotten that the steak, vegetables, milk or other ingredients are coming from a farm?!

It is not because you are living in a town/city that you must ignore the beauty of the coastal and English heritage – it is about being proud of the green fields surrounding us.

British countryside

British countryside


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