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Polaroid #photography: the complexity of analog instant #film

Everybody is a photographer in the 21st century. Smartphones have changed the way we are taking pictures.

Is technology limitless

Each day when commuting we can clearly see that less people are reading books/newspapers and more have their eyes into their tablets or smartphones.

When a rug is also a coffee table

Sometimes it is a kind of dream to get two products in one. In this particular case, Alessandro Isola has combined a rug with a coffee table or vice-versa.

The other type of branding

Graphic designer Emily Gillis from Melbourne had the great idea and inspiration to work on branding of Tomboy Café.

Bleed and Aker Brygge Identity

There are things which don’t need a lot of words. The work produced by Bleed for Aker Brygge is a prime example regarding the identity and branding.

Laser engraved skate decks

Magnetic Kitchen has nothing to do with magnets or kitchen furniture – it is all about skate decks and laser engraved designs.

Budget 2014 and New Shape for £1 Coin by 2017

The Telegraph has reported: “George Osborne will use his Budget to announce a new 12-sided £1 coin based on the old threepenny bit”.

#Coffee: Yardstick packaging and #branding

Based in Singapour Acre studio has imagined something rather special for Yardstick.

Auction houses re-designed

Auction houses such as Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams are seen as corporate and almost old fashioned institutions.

Hat: the head wood

Designed and made by Andrea Deppieri – this product is called “The Head Wood”.