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#Taste the #coffee whether sitting or standing

The coffee industry is booming. Whatever new ‘thing’ is opening its doors, there must be a coffee machine and grinder.

A new born: @kioskafe #London

People say that only corporations and chains are opening huge stores in shopping centres throughout the UK.

Art and simplicity: paper and scissors

Twenty first century is all about digital technology…but maybe not JUST about technology.

#Fashion and #design is also about socks

Too often people spend a lot of money on fashion and this is sometimes without limit, maybe because being fashionable is important in the 21st century?

The Flyte – magnetic lamp #design

Having the correct brightness in your lounge, living room, kitchen and bedroom is essential to bring the correct atmosphere, ambiance and mood.

A talking point: Brain specimen coasters

Inviting guests to your house for a dinner party is generally a good idea. Sometimes though people struggle when it comes to having a sustainable and durable conversation.

Is this more about #lifestyle or #fashion – certainly the former

What is fashion or do you want to be fashionable and wear the same clothes as your friends, colleagues and neighbours?

After #Kingsman is it the return of the #suits

The film Kingsman: The secret service, is on our cinema screens. And it it obvious that tailored suits are making this movie and story rather cool with style and humour as well.

Lunar Calendar 2015 by Flouflou

The 2015 Lunar Calendar is a limited edition of 100 marked units, in a 50 x 70 cm poster printed in Offset ink on a 250 gr/m2 paper

Apple #iPad Air display base

Nowadays, more and more people have the use of tablets. Some prefer the Apple iPad rather than another make… maybe because of the reputation and design?!