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After #Kingsman is it the return of the #suits

The film Kingsman: The secret service, is on our cinema screens. And it it obvious that tailored suits are making this movie and story rather cool with style and humour as well.

Coastal and English Heritage

Remember the time when technology (internet) and social media (facebook, twitter, instagram…) were not part of our daily lives?

Miniature #paintings by @lorraineloots

A lot of people are passionate about art, design and photography. Sometimes one person can be the one making it because the passion is also a lifestyle.

Refurbishing Your Classroom to Help Engage Students

There are a number of small changes you can make just to liven up your classroom, making it brighter and more engaging for your pupils

Society, Technology and Retailers

When the weekend comes, it seems that a lot of people are rushing to towns and cities. As if, there is a magnetic field in the city centre or a shortage of some goods.

Ferris Bueller: a dream house eventually found a buyer

After having been on the market for 5 years, the dream house featured in “Ferris Bueller’s day off” has found a buyer.

London (pricey) #lifestyle

Always tempting to try a new life in a capital city and London is a place which seems to bring together people from various horizons.

The Commute – Mr Porter [video]

The way Pip Andersen (follow him on social media) goes to work…well, almost. Here’s how to add some style and panache to the morning commute.

#London properties

London…the capital city where there is always an exhibition or a show to see… but where accommodations are so expensive.

Cycling lifestyle

Everyone is nowadays trying to reduce the amount of money spent on irrelevant products and gadgets.