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Music Cabinet #Design by Paolo Cappello

Sometimes… a piece of furniture can catch your eye and it can be hard to forget it, because the way it is designed is just unique.

Adapting a bathroom for disabled and elderly access

For older people or disabled people bathing can become a daily struggle, which can be dangerous if the bathroom is not properly adapted for the elderly or for disabled. use.

The Flyte – magnetic lamp #design

Having the correct brightness in your lounge, living room, kitchen and bedroom is essential to bring the correct atmosphere, ambiance and mood.

When Ikea superstore goes to #Exeter

Everybody needs furniture at some point in their lives. Of course, there are various retailers, designs, styles and quality too.

Canvas painting and furniture

It is always good to have eye-catching objects and furniture. Visitors will then remember that your interior design is unique.

Create a Dining Room of Distinction

How to create a dining room of distinction.

Why I Hate Ikea

I can see a time in the not too distant future where every home on the planet will own a Billy Buggery bookcase and an Expedit shelving unit with those little baskets for keeping your junk in.

Choosing the best living room furniture

When you’re deciding on a new look for the living room, one of the most important items in the room is the seating.

The Different Kinds of Patio Umbrellas

There are many different kinds of patio umbrellas.

Kenneth Grange CBE – Designer

Kenneth Grange CBE, Britain’s most distinguished industrial and product designer, was born in London in 1929.